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New York Times, Saturday, October 3, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
‘Brace yourselves!’ UHOH
‘E-Z’ or ‘xtra’ ADSPEAK
‘Here’s the ___’ PLAN
‘Morning in America’ campaigner REAGAN
‘The Taming of the Shrew’ role BIANCA
‘___ the Man’ (2006 film inspired by ‘Twelfth Night’) SHES
A.T.M. input: Abbr AMT
Alpine lake TARN
Annual New Year’s Day event ROSEPARADE
Athlete who once served as his country’s Extraordinary Minister for Sport PELE
Backs (away) SHIES
Beach patrol conveyances, for short ATVS
Cartoon character with a noted football prank LUCY
Chemical compounds in bubble gum ESTERS
Chorus for picadores OLES
Concessions SOPS
Cryotherapy setting SPA
Elton John and Lady Gaga, for two STAGENAMES
Fashion designer Di Santo INES
For whom Homs might be home SYRIAN
Fraud, for example TORT
Gets hot ANGERS
Good Friday Agreement grp IRA
Hairstyle that’s short on the sides FADE
Historic aircraft inits SST
Hoops star during the N.B.A.-A.B.A. merger ERVING
Hotel room extra COT
Inits. on a bucket of food KFC
Issa of comedy RAE
Item requiring special handling on planes PETCARRIER
Kvetches CRABS
Larva of a dragonfly, named after Greek myth NAIAD
Literature Nobelist Mario Vargas ___ LLOSA
Man’s name that becomes a toy when its first letter is moved to the end OLEG
Many college students of the 1980s-’90s, informally XERS
Neighbor of a Belarusian LETT
Nose-in-the-air SNOOTY
One for the books? AUDITOR
Orange-brown hue RUST
Org. concerned with broadband access FCC
Party person POL
Pirates’ terms of address HEARTIES
Place that may have your number DELI
Planets, e.g ORBS
Post master? ADMIN
Published ONRECORD
Quick buck, say ANTELOPE
Really overdo the sunbathing FRY
Routine NORMAL
Sauce ingredient in a Londoner’s ‘pie and mash’ EEL
See 54-Down ARTISTS
Setter’s activity VOLLEYBALL
Singer/dancer/actress Falana LOLA
Some pricey undergarments SILKBOXERS
Something hanging near Christmas lights, maybe ICICLE
South Carolina college THECITADEL
Spring or fall, e.g ACTIONVERB
Stew vessel CROCK
Sticky pad? NEST
Swindle HUSTLE
T as in telegraph? DAH
Terminus for some BART riders SFO
Walks along the boardwalk, say STROLLS
Wharton, for one EDITH
What robots might be used to reduce HUMANERROR
When ‘the arms I long for will open wide,’ in a 1963 top 5 hit ONEFINEDAY
With 41-Down, swindlers SCAM
Word derived from the Egyptian for ‘great house’ PHARAOH
___ Fronteras (area where Brazil, Peru and Colombia meet) TRES