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New York Times, Saturday, October 9, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
[I can’t believe what I just read] OMG
___ film FEATURE
___ Richmond, former head of the Congressional Black Caucus and senior adviser to Joe Biden CEDRIC
___-o’-shanter TAM
Advanced degree NTH
Arc-shaped musical notation SLUR
Arm muscle, slangily TRI
Bam! chef EMERIL
Baseball team whose mascot is Screech the eagle, familiarly NATS
Battle cry ITSWAR
Big shot? VACCINE
Bit of auto design inspired by the jet age TAILFIN
Blows away FLOORS
Boo-boo OWIE
Certain exotic pets IGUANAS
Conductor’s cry ALLABOARD
Dance move PLIE
Die out WANE
Dishevel MUSS
Disney redhead ARIEL
Easygoing NODRAMA
Ephemeral palaces ICECASTLES
Equal opportunity FAIRSHAKE
Fig. often written with X’s SSN
Help!, for example PLEA
Hoity-toity type SNOB
Hullabaloo DIN
It’s all over the papers INK
Its national animal is the beaver CANADA
Keep one’s head down LIELOW
Knee part, for short ACL
Left on board, say PORT
Local legends LORE
Luxury vehicles since 1986 ACURAS
More than discouraged ILLEGAL
Much-covered New Orleans standard based on Mardi Gras chants IKOIKO
Okonkwo’s people in “Things Fall Apart” IBOS
One may be personal TRAINER
Order in the court BESEATED
Painter whose cataract surgery allowed him to see and paint in ultraviolet CLAUDEMONET
Part of a Navy officer’s rotation SEADUTY
Pop group? FAM
Popular podcast genre TRUECRIME
Purpose of a pass ACCESS
Relays, e.g. TEAMEVENTS
Repair AMEND
Ripped TORE
Ron who played Tarzan ELY
Scales up? LIBRA
Shapes MOLDS
Shapes of some dog treats STEAKS
Sinking fastballs SPLITTERS
Smart ___ ALEC
Soft or hard finish WARE
Some stand concessions ADES
Spartan, e.g. HELLENE
Start of a count STRIKEONE
Sticky candy? LOLLIPOP
Strauss’s “Also ___ Zarathustra” SPRACH
Sustainability indicator ECO
That’s gotta hurt OOF
The Grim, in the Harry Potter books OMEN
Travel item VISA
Units of land, with or without the first letter PLOTS
Velocity, e.g. RATE
Where you might get the ball rolling BOWLINGLANE