New York Times, Saturday, September 3, 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Enough already!’ NOMORE
‘___ Deever,’ Rudyard Kipling poem DANNY
‘___ difference’ SAME
‘___ matter!’ DOESNT
2016 prequel to the highest-grossing movie of 1977 ROGUEONE
Actor Reynolds RYAN
Allied group BLOC
Any day now SOON
Brief copy? REPRO
Carroll ___, Matt Damon’s role in 2019’s ‘Ford v Ferrari’ SHELBY
Cartoon character known for bursting out of a drum PORKY
Civil Rights Memorial architect LIN
Cocktail named for a motorcycle attachment SIDECAR
Commandeers USURPS
Cork launcher POPGUN
Couple years? MARRIEDLIFE
Courtroom promise IDO
Digital filing service? MANIPEDI
Drag queen Mattel TRIXIE
Early role for Ron Howard OPIE
First name in gin production? ELI
Fuss ADO
Game in which the object is to be the first player to score 500 points UNO
Give a once-over EYEUP
Giving a sexual interpretation to almost any statement, say DIRTYMINDED
Guaranteed CERTAIN
Hail Mary, for one PASS
It can start with a screen test ZOOMMEETING
J. Cole or Jay-Z RAPSTAR
Job for a landscaper PRUNING
Junior, perhaps HEIR
King ___ TUT
Lead-in to hickey DOO
Clues Answers
Leaning ATILT
Less reputable SHADIER
Like mussels or some letters STEAMEDOPEN
Low points NADIRS
Men of La Mancha SENORS
One making calls from home UMP
Ordinary members RANKANDFILE
Possible response to ‘Where’s the beef?’ IATEIT
Prime time HEYDAY
Put on the line, say LETDRY
Remove, as a corsage UNPIN
Return on an investment NETYIELD
Slalom path SSHAPE
Snaps PIX
Somers in the hall of fame for infomercials SUZANNE
Sometimes-purple tuber YAM
Step before ‘repeat’ RINSE
Stuck-up SNOTTY
Subj. of a Zener card experiment ESP
Suggestible state HYPNOSIS
Swear words, in two ways OATHS
Temporarily banished from a dorm room, in a way SEXILED
Time immemorial AEONS
U.S. group with six branches ARMEDFORCES
Unyielding STERN
Wear it in good health AMULET
Where some cases go to TRIAL
Who says ‘I don’t have a family tree. But I have a pretty great file directory’ SIRI
Yas and jas YESES
Young females on farms HEIFERS
___ pro nobis ORA

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