New York Times – Sep 13 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Hava Nagila’ dance HORA
‘Respect’ singer Franklin ARETHA
‘Succession’ network HBO
1995 Pixar film that launched a franchise TOYSTORY
90° bend ELL
A 0% chance, colloquially NOSHOT
Aaron who created ‘The West Wing’ SORKIN
Airport once called Idlewild, for short JFK
Albanian currency LEK
Bend out of shape DEFORM
Big name in skin care AVEENO
Bits of tomfoolery JAPES
Buffalo Bill, e.g FOOTBALLPLAYER
Bun in the oven, so to speak UNBORNBABY
Clean air org EPA
Diarist Frank ANNE
Enthusiastic response to ‘Want some ice cream?’ DOI
Experiencing a flow state INTHEZONE
First sign of the zodiac ARIES
Forbiddance BAN
Gets in the way of OBSTRUCTS
Give the boot OUST
Green machine ECOCAR
Grew disenchanted SOURED
Instruments played pizzicato in Britten’s ‘Simple Symphony’ CELLOS
Jason who sang ‘I’m Yours’ MRAZ
Last pharaoh of Egypt, informally CLEO
Lawyers’ org ABA
Lead-in to a surprising twist … or a hint to 16-, 22-, 32- and 45-Across HERESTHEKICKER
Marsupial stylized in the Qantas logo KANGAROO
Micro or macro college subj ECON
Mined-over matter ORE
Murmur lovingly COO
Noodle dish that might be made with a flavor packet RAMEN
Paddle lookalike OAR
Part of the D.O.J FBI
Passionately protesting UPINARMS
Piloted DROVE
Ponzi scheme, for one SCAM
Porridge base OATS
Pro ___ (perfunctory) FORMA
Projectiles from a pellet gun BBS
Pueblo people HOPI
Put in the overhead bin, say STOW
Quadrupedal combat vehicle in ‘Star Wars’ films ATAT
Radio City Music Hall performer ROCKETTE
Real estate burdens LIENS
Reedy woodwind OBOE
Regretful soul RUER
Religious offshoot SECT
Ruler whose title is derived from the name ‘Caesar’ TSAR
Running by the pool, e.g NONO
Shop for a loxsmith? DELI
Skier’s ‘powder’ SNOW
Straight poker? TINE
Subjects TOPICS
Term of endearment BAE
The ‘E’ in B.C.E ERA
The Crimson Tide, to fans BAMA
The marbling in marbled beef FAT
The Terminator and HAL 9000, for two AIS
Title role for Alan Ladd in a classic 1953 western SHANE
Top of the Highlands? TAM
Un-gerrymandered, say, as a voting district REDREW
Unsolemnly swear CUSS
Variety show routine SKIT
What games like chess, Stratego and Risk simulate WAR
Whopping GREAT
William of ___ (noted 14th-century philosopher) OCKHAM
Words shouted before ‘No hands!’ LOOKMA
___ de parfum EAU

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