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New York Times – Sep 17 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Black gold’ OIL
‘Love ___’ (Beatles hit) MEDO
‘Me neither’ NORI
‘On my honor!’ IPROMISE
Actor Efron of ‘The Greatest Showman’ ZAC
Adjust, as a piano TUNE
Adolescent TEEN
Aggressive defensive soccer maneuver SLIDETACKLE
Anchorage’s home ALASKA
Apple tablet with an attachable keyboard IPADPRO
At the lower side of the pH scale ACID
Benefactor DONOR
College in New Rochelle, N.Y IONA
Communicated via iMessage or WhatsApp TEXTED
Consoling touch PAT
Cricket’s sound CHIRP
Demanding that people do this and do that BOSSY
Dual-purpose bit of eyewear BIFOCAL
Eco-conscious Dr. Seuss character LORAX
Fashion designer’s monogram YSL
Fizzy, sugarless beverage DIETSODA
Gets all A’s, say EXCELS
Gloom’s partner DOOM
Golf ball props TEES
Grandson of Adam and Eve ENOS
Have another birthday AGE
Hawaiian garland LEI
Holder of wires along a street TELEPHONEPOLE
Horned safari animal RHINO
Hot dog topper SAUERKRAUT
Hotel amenity with a cord IRON
In the area NEARBY
Inner: Prefix ENDO
James ___, portrayer of Tony Soprano on ‘The Sopranos’ GANDOLFINI
Like clarinets and oboes REEDED
Like mixed doubles tennis, in college COED
Like one end of a battery: Abbr NEG, POS
Maple or oak TREE
Middle: Abbr CTR
Midterm or final EXAM
Nickname for John Wayne, with ‘the’ DUKE
Of the mouth ORAL
Omelet or quiche ingredient EGG
Pairs DUOS
Part of a bed’s base SLAT
Pavarotti, voicewise TENOR
Peach stones PITS
Quick smell SNIFF
Red facial spots ACNE
Series of funny outtakes BLOOPERREEL
Shoot out, as 14-Across SPEW
Smidgen TAD
Some natural hairdos, for short FROS
Something that’s impossible to do with one’s eyes open, per an urban legend SNEEZE
Stepping on the baseline when serving in tennis, e.g FAULT
Student body overseer DEAN
Subway scurrier RAT
Takes a night to think over Sleepson
Tempo PACE
That, in Tijuana ESO
The Cards, on a scoreboard STL
The laugh of someone who’s up to no good HEH
Things filled by a highway crew POTHOLES
Toward sunrise EAST
Toy in a 2017 craze FIDGETSPINNER
Transmits SENDS
Uncork, as a bottle OPEN
Up until now YET
Use the items found at the ends of the answers to 20-, 31-, 47- and 56-Across FISH
Volcanic rock LAVA
Walked through water WADED
What talcum powder may prevent RASH
Wicked EVIL
___-wip (dessert topping) REDDI