New York Times – Sep 21 2018

Clues Answers
‘Do You Hear What I Hear?,’ e.g NOEL
‘So that’s ___?’ ANO
‘Yeah, maybe’ ISUPPOSE
1924 to 1953 STALINERA
Actor Eric BANA
Alternative to stone STUCCO
Baby carriers MAMAS
Brand of facial brush MIA
Caravan destinations OASES
Christmas, in Italy NATALE
Clear RID
Colleague of 23-Down for 15 years SOUTER
Console pioneer ATARI
Core group? SEEDS
Door-to-door giant AVON
Downton Abbey, e.g MANOR
Dress down CHIDE
Eastern city whose name sounds weird? ERIE
Effect of surplus oil ACNE
El Chapo, notably CRIMEBOSS
Entries in red DEBITS
F.S.U. player, to fans NOLE
Follower of ‘sweet’ or ‘in your’ DREAMS
French aperitif PASTIS
Fruits that ripen after being picked AVOCADOS
G.O.P. org. … or letters after Senator Richard Burr’s name RNC
Glass pieces SHARDS
Goat’s cry MAA
Goes soft MELTS
Groove RUT
Growth on buoys ALGAE
Household nickname SIS
Instagram filter shade SEPIA
It’s not going anywhere DEADEND
Make believe ACT
Many commercial slogans TRADEMARKS
Marco Polo was on it for 24 years SILKROAD
Mollycoddles COSSETS
Nashville-based awards show, familiarly CMAS
Not be steadfast WAVER
One of 18 on a golf course TEE
Pen noise OINK
Plugs away TOILS
Polenta base CORNMEAL
Pres. Obama’s signature achievement ACA
Rapper with the double-platinum album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ DRAKE
Retired justice who wrote ‘Out of Order: Stories From the History of the Supreme Court’ OCONNOR
Rhinestone-covered appurtenance for Elvis CAPE
Roadside danger, for short IED
Sight in many a Japanese restaurant TATAMIMAT
Skating site ICEPALACE
Split tickets? STUBS
Streaming alternatives CDS
Tarbell who took on Standard Oil IDA
That: Sp ESA
The mathematician Fibonacci, for one PISAN
They’re indispensable NEEDS
Think piece ESSAY
Tim Roth’s character in ‘Reservoir Dogs’ MRORANGE
Took courses under pressure STRESSATE
Tot’s attire ONESIE
Trailer, e.g TEASER
Unabomber’s writing, e.g SCREED
Unwanted messages HATEMAIL
Western vacation spot DUDERANCH
___ Ski Valley, one of the highest municipalities in the U.S. (9,207 feet) TAOS

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