New York Times – Sep 23 2022 Crossword answer

New York Times – Sep 23 2022

Clues Answers
‘Bro!’ MYGUY
‘Knew that was coming’ THEREITIS
‘Please, can you just not’ SPAREME
‘When are you getting here?’ ETA
‘___ bien’ ESTA
Agent, informally REP
Aid in getting a job in marketing, in brief MBA
Alphabetize, e.g SORT
Ancient Hindu text SUTRA
Attend GOTO
Bagel NIL
Be accountable for OWN
Bit of whistle-blowing, maybe LEAK
Book that becomes a synonym for ‘Finally!’ when ‘t’ is added to the end ATLAS
Breakaway groups SECTS
British weight STONE
Capitalizes on USES
Champions’ cry WEWON
Characteristics that rarely change in cartoons AGES
Cheek or backbone NERVE
Chops HEWS
Chops AXES
Cry from a doll MAMA
Current issue? SHORT
Ethnocentric lens critiqued by Toni Morrison WHITEGAZE
Ever so slightly ATAD
Gives an edge WHETS
Graffiti, e.g ART
Granite State sch UNH
It’s often drawn with three ellipses ATOM
Jargon LINGO
Joy that might come from being aligned in one’s body GENDEREUPHORIA
Legends ICONS
Like old-fashioned sound reproduction LOFI
Like the Navajo language TONAL
Clues Answers
Limbo prerequisite POLE
Makes plans for the future? INVESTS
Movie whose sequel was subtitled ‘Back in the Habit’ SISTERACT
Multinational hardware and electronics brand ACER
N.Y.C. neighborhood near Little Italy SOHO
Neopronoun with a nod to folklore FAE
Not to be trusted SHADY
Overcome decision fatigue OPT
Pisces, but not Aquarius WATERSIGN
Place that distributes things in tiny bottles HOTEL
Prefix with week or wife MID
Pretend to know the host, say GATECRASH
Question to an indecisive pet INOROUT
Rapper Megan Thee Stallion ___ Tina Snow AKA
Really teeny ITSY
Recipe abbr TSP
Record skip? NOCOMMENT
Robotics club challenge MAZE
Setting for ‘Life of Pi’ OCEAN
Some sculptures and sexts NUDES
Something not to look after? LEAP
Sought help from during a crisis RANTO
Strength FORTE
Symbol of Hawaii HULA
Symbol of Hawaii LEI
Sympathetic assurance ICARE
They’re separated at some salons TOES
Tyne with six Emmys DALY
Washer dryer? BATHTOWEL
What makes juice expensive? ENERGYTAX
Wind up END
___ Beer Hall (Tokyo landmark) ASAHI
___ climbing a tree (Sichuan noodle dish) ANTS
___ Hardison, Aldis Hodge’s character on ‘Leverage’ ALEC

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