New York Times – Sep 25 2022 Crossword Answer


Clues Answers
‘Black Jeopardy!,’ for one SNLSKIT
‘Chandelier’ singer, 2014 SIA
‘Here, take this’ HAVEIT
‘Let’s begin our adventure!’ OFFWEGO
‘More or less’ SORTA
‘Schitt’s Creek’ role for Sarah Levy TWYLA
‘The very ___!’ IDEA
‘What’s up, ___?’ DOC
‘You may disagree, but …,’ to a texter IMHO
*A drop in the bucket INFLATION
*Ballet movements DRIBBLES
*Barbershop quartet SHAVINGCREAM
*Press junket FAKENEWS
*Rocket scientist GEOLOGIST
*Ticketmaster EXTERMINATOR
*What’s in your wallet ELECTRICALOUTLET
Actress ___ Flynn Boyle LARA
Airer of the crime drama ‘Luther’ BBC
Ancestor of Methuselah ENOS
Apocalypse DOOM
Author Ellison RALPH
Auto hobbyist’s project, maybe KITCAR
Bird watcher’s org., once NBA
Bitter ACRID
Burdens with DUMPSON
Buzzing about ADO
Cargo LOAD
Chorus section TENORS
Circulation unit READER
Complete ATOZ
Confidence-building mantra YESICAN
Confuse THROW
Consulted for feedback about RANBY
Cottoned on (to) GOTWISE
Country whose capital is named after an early U.S. president LIBERIA
Crumple (up) WAD
Cut choice FILET
Dash dial TACH
Designation on some pronoun pins THEY
Do some backup dancing? TWERK
Doesn’t just increase SOARS
Excavated, with ‘out’ HOLLOWED
Expected DUE
Faint pattern TRACING
Focus of many a law BAN
Fountain of youth? KEG
Game of who, what and where CLUE
German chancellor Scholz OLAF
Give for a time LOANOUT
Global brand of men’s dress shirts ETON
Good name for an archaeologist? DOUG
Green-lit OKED
Grumps CRABS
Has no plan B … or, when parsed differently, what each of the starred clues does vis-à-vis its answer? WORKSWITHOUTANET
Having South Asian roots DESI
Hermanos de la madre TIOS
Hit hard BELT
How you should ‘take me,’ in a phrase ASIAM
Is grating WEARS
It’s bad overseas MAL
Jennifer Affleck ___ Lopez NEE
John Legend’s ‘___ Me’ ALLOF
Laura of ‘Big Little Lies’ DERN
League designation for the Durham Bulls and Salt Lake Bees AAA
Leave slack-jawed AMAZE
Letters to ___ (rock group) CLEO
Lifesaver, for short EMT
Like Legolas in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ ELFIN
Like the head of a badminton racket OVAL
Likely to offend, in brief NONPC
Lines on which music is written STAVE
Longtime Miami Heat great, to fans DWADE
Major water source MAIN
Maker of the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial video game ATARI
Many a donor, for short ALUM
Missouri county on the Arkansas border OZARK
Modern reproductive tech inits IVF
Moved fast TORE
Muscle used in a pull-up, informally TRI
Musical whose name is an anagram of the members of a musical CATS
Odd-numbered page, typically RECTO
Off-limits TABOO
One of South Africa’s official languages TSWANA
Open, as a gift UNBOX
Opera that aptly premiered in Egypt AIDA
Opera whose title character is a singer TOSCA
Org. that merged with the 41-Across in the 1970s ABA
Period in curling END
Pico de gallo ingredient CILANTRO
Playground comeback IAMSO
Power (up) BOOT
Qantas hub, on luggage tags SYD
QVC alternative HSN
R&B’s India.___ ARIE
Rapper with the 2011 hit album ‘Ambition’ WALE
Reasonable SANE
Reel off RECITE
See 102-Down TOTTER
Sir Isaac Newton work on the fundamentals of light OPTICKS
Small table fare? ANTE
Some votes in the Bundestag NEINS
Spanish 101 verb ESTAR
Start of a literary series BOOKONE
Steps up to the plate BATS
Stretches of time ERAS
Subleased RELET
Suffix with bad, mad, sad and glad NESS
Summers on the Seine ETES
Sweets BABE
Take in EAT
Tesla, for one SERB
The before-times? EVES
They’re heard in a chorus AMENS
Things with wires, often BRAS
Title play character who never shows up GODOT
Tool chain LOWES
Trimmer RAZOR
Twitch problem LAG
Twitch, for instance REACT
United hub, on luggage tags SFO
Website with a Home Favorites page ETSY
Weekend destination for an N.Y.C. getaway, maybe UPSTATE
What the Beatles never did REUNITE
With 104-Down, playground fixture TEETER
Wood that sinks in water EBONY
Word between ‘what’ and ‘that’ WAS
Zero ___ INON
___ mater ALMA
___ Park, city west of Anaheim BUENA
___ sci POLI

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