New York Times – Sep 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘Check it out for yourself!’ GOSEE
‘Heck if I know’ NOIDEA
‘Hurrah!’ OLE
‘Let me clarify …’ IMEAN
Alexander the Great, to Aristotle TUTEE
Apex predators of the deep ORCAS
Athletic type … or athletic wear JOCK
Blather PRATE
Blood of the gods, in Greek myth ICHOR
City where you can view Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ OSLO
Comes out MERGES
Compact arms UZIS
Culinary phrase ALA
Deemed appropriate SAWFIT
Digitize SCAN
Dweller along the Don SLAV
Exchange of swear words? IDOS
Exposes ARES
F-, e.g ION
Fathers and sons HES
Formal rejection ENUNCIATION
Hidden trouble indicator … or what you’ll need to finish this crossword? TIPOFTHEICEBERG
Idle on the set ERIC
Images on Australia’s 50-cent coins EMUS
In a way SORTA
Indianapolis-based sports org NCAA
Ingredient in black jelly beans ANISE
It flows and glows LAVA
It may involve dips, in two different senses SALSA
It’s between an A and a B NINETY
It’s symbolized by a star and crescent SLAM
Japanese roadster MIATA
Keepsakes for March Madness victors NETS
Kind of operation in number theory, for short MOD
Leader of the land down under? SATAN
Like Confucianism or Taoism ASTERN
Like one-size-fits-all garments STRETCHY
Literally, ‘a hopeful person’ ESPERANTO
Major ___, ‘Dr. Strangelove’ character who rides the bomb KONG
Mom’s mom NANA
Mosque of ___ (shrine in Jerusalem) OMAR
Muppet who refers to himself in the third person ELMO
Nickname TAG
No ___ Day (October 13) BRA
Ones reading the Book of Shadows WICCANS
Pasta common in minestrone ORZO
Peter or Paul CZAR
Phishing target, for short SSN
Put the pedal to the metal UNIT
Puzzle in which people take turns solving MAZE
Rabbit fur LAPIN
Shades for many window shades ECRUS
Shockers TASERS
So-called ‘Goddess of Pop’ CHER
Sticks, as a landing NAILS
Stylishness SASS
Success for a closer in baseball SAVE
Superhero’s defining quality ABILITY
Tasted ATEOF
Teensy ITTY
The Admiral’s Cup, e.g SEARACE
The snakes in the movie line ‘Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?’ ASPS
Waze or WeChat APP
Word on a gravestone DIED
Words after ‘Oh, no!’ NOTAGAIN
Yoga poses ASANAS
___ and Link (popular online comedy duo) RHETT
___ buco OSSO

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