New York Times, Sunday, April 17, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ cheese BLEU
___ room ELBOW
1/1 ’til present: Abbr. YTD
A Greek letter? ALPHA
Absolute beaut GEM
Actress Anna of “True Bloods” PAQUIN
Admitted it, with “up” FESSED
Affable WARM
Apt facial hair for a teacher? PENCILMOUSTACHE
Apt name for a landscaper? LON
Attack tactic SIEGE
Back talk SASS
Ballet jump JETE
Bea Arthur was one before her acting career MARINE
Beer ___, drinking/running event MILE
Beer parties KEGGERS
Big brass BASSTUBA
Big name in chicken TYSON
Big name in skate shoes VANS
Big star CELEB
Bob Marley and the Wailers, for one REGGAEBAND
Body feature that approximately 10% of people have OUTIE
Breakfast brand tagline LEGGOMYEGGO
Brings under control TAMES
Broadway musical centered around two girls in love, with “The” PROM
Button often denoted by a right arrow SEND
Cartomancy medium TAROT
Chickpeas and peanuts, for two LEGUMES
Children’s character who sings “I Love Trash” OSCAR
China makes up much of it TEASET
Chinese qipao, e.g. DRESS
Chord whose notes are played in succession ARPEGGIO
Chrysler offering of the 1980s KCAR
Church minister DEACON
Clean extensively SCOUR
Comedian’s stage prop STOOL
Congas and bongos DRUMS
Cooking ahead of time, say MEALPREP
Covered in long, soft hair PILOSE
Critic’s pick? NIT
Crony PAL
Daughter of Polonius, in Shakespeare OPHELIA
Deems right SEESFIT
Dragon roll ingredients EELS
Dream idly MOON
Ending with bald or bold NESS
Engaged in some circular reasoning BEGGEDTHEQUESTION
Essays TRIES
Exchange SWAP
Excuse me … AHEM
Expecting, in slang PREGGERS
Fairy tale sibling HANSEL
First line in a news story LEDE
Foreign exchange abbr. USD
Formal festivities GALAS
Goes off on YELLSAT
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Granted through a treaty CEDED
Gross-sounding plant? YUCCA
How fancy! OOH
Identified PEGGED
Issa of “The Lovebirds” RAE
It “lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar,” per Percy Bysshe Shelley POETRY
It’s spineless EBOOK
Jazz pianist Blake who composed “Shuffle Along” EUBIE
Jupiter and Mars GODS
Kicked the ball between the legs of, in soccer slang NUTMEGGED
La place in L.A. BREA
Land in Rome TERRA
Lay down, in a way ASSERT
Like almost all prime numbers ODD
Like anomalies STRANGE
Lime-A-___ (alcoholic beverage) RITA
List from 1 to … RANK
Maker of Ding Dongs and Twinkies HOSTESS
Many, many ATONOF
Mission cancellation NOGO
Most valued card in the deck ACEOFSPADES
Must pay back OWETO
Name that rhymes with “edgy” REGGIE
News updates, with “the” LATEST
On edge ANTSY
On the drink ASEA
On the other hand, I could be wrong MAYBENOT
On the wagon SOBER
One might help with a connection MODEM
One of a pair of kitchen tools PESTLE
Orchestral prelude to an opera SINFONIA
Othello character who quips “They are all but stomachs, and we all but food” EMILIA
Overhead lights? HALOS
Over-the-counter seller DELI
Passionate (about) MAD
Pay attention TAKEHEED
People in a long line, perhaps RULERS
Plod perseveringly SLOG
Plumbing pipe known as a trap UBEND
Polite agreement YESM
Private aid grp. NGO
Purchase for the den HDTV
Put on APPLY
Puts up ANTES
Rapper Kool Moe ___ DEE
Resident of the capital of Manitoba WINNIPEGGER
Response to “Who’s there?” ITSME
Rock type EMO
Rumrunner, e.g. BOOTLEGGER
Safecrackers, in old-fashioned slang YEGGS
Scary Spice Girl MELB
Shoots the breeze RAPS
Sight at a winery VAT
Some purchases for Christmas displays TREESTANDS
Something ___ ELSE
Something intricately detailed and impressive AWORKOFART
Spirit of a culture ETHOS
Spiritual object TOTEM
Stock paper, for short? WSJ
Taking Rx drugs ONMEDS
The “R” of Edward R. Murrow ROSCOE
The Evian Championship is one of its majors: Abbr. LPGA
Things that might get written down on sticky notes BRAINSTORMS
Title Disney character from Hawaii LILO
Toll maker BELL
Unaccounted for, for short MIA
Undergo a chemical change REACT
Unrivaled ALONE
Vital things ORGANS
Welsh guy BOYO
What Beatles music did at Abbey Road, famously ECHOED
What flowers eventually do WILT
What you might get on a log flume ride WET
Without SANS
Word before shot and after hot POT
Words with “with words” AWAY
Wrestling duos TAGTEAMS
You are: Sp. ERES
Zilch NIL

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