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New York Times, Sunday, April 19, 2020 Puzzle Solutions

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Catch That ___ Spirit’ (old ad slogan) PEPSI
‘I’m listening’ DOTELL
‘Marriage Story’ co-star, to fans SCARJO
‘Or so’ ISH
‘Such is life!’ ALAS
‘___ on!’ ITS
Absorb, as a loss EAT
Actor Patel DEV
Actress Davis GEENA
Ankle-biter RUGRAT
Attach to the end of TAGON
Bad position for a server ADOUT
Biblical figure with a tomb in the Cave of the Patriarchs ISAAC
Big inits. in news NPR
Blue toon in a white dress SMURFETTE
Button on a DVD player EJECT
Call to a shepherd BAA
Called up RANG
Capital of French Polynesia PAPEETE
Cardiologist’s tool STENT
Carelessly drops PLONKS
Cause of fatigue ANEMIA
CD follower ROM
Certain employee at ESPN or JPMorgan Chase ANALYST
Certain insurance coverage DENTAL
Chocolate substitute CAROB
Civics and Accords SEDANS
Comic Jones formerly of ‘S.N.L.’ LESLIE
Common skirt feature PLEAT
Convinced SOLD
Cool, in an uncool way HEP
Course that’s free of obstacles? EASYA
Dance that men often do shirtless HULA
Director Craven WES
Disintegrate, in a way, as cells in the body LYSE
Drink in a little cup SAKE
Duffer’s approach shots that barely go anywhere? MICROCHIPS
Duffer’s problems with an angled club? WEDGEISSUES
Duffer’s putt that just misses? ASTROKEOFBADLUCK
Duffer’s reasons to choose a wood? IRONDEFICIENCIES
Edie of ‘The Sopranos’ FALCO
Europe-based grp. with no European members OPEC
Exams for some bio majors MCATS
Flair ELAN
Foaming at the mouth RABID
Founder of WikiLeaks ASSANGE
Gaza grp PLO
Go full ___ (throw a world-class hissy fit) DIVA
Goes on a tweetstorm RANTS
Grand dwelling PALACE
Grassy field LEA
Guesses by GPSes ETAS
Have trouble deciding DITHER
Headstrong ORNERY
House speaker before Pelosi RYAN
Intel producer RECON
It was ‘a no-go’ in Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ EDSEL
Japanese soybean appetizer EDAMAME
Kind of rating NIELSEN
King Midas’s downfall GREED
Letter-shaped fastener TNUT
Like a question for which ‘maybe’ is not an option YESNO
Like a wunderkind GIFTED
Like kids, but not mom or dad? PLURAL
Like some personalities ONAIR
Like the ‘Mona Lisa’ in 1911 STOLEN
Like the duffer in this puzzle? NOTUPTOPAR
Line on a map: Abbr HWY
Low-___ CAL
Make (out) EKE
Milk sources EWES
More yellow, but not yet brown, say RIPER
Move stealthily SKULK
New York city on Long Island Sound RYE
Nickname for a duffer who can’t hit straight? CAPTAINHOOK
Nickname that can be either masculine or feminine SAL
No longer sleeping WOKEN
Off the internet, to internet users IRL
On the button PRECISE
Ones practicing: Abbr DRS
Org. that employs radio telescopes SETI
Orphan girl in Byron’s ‘Don Juan’ LEILA
Palindrome in poetry ERE
Part of the upper bod PEC
Physician Jonas SALK
Pick up SENSE
Piece of training equipment in boxing SPEEDBAG
Place to visit in a suit APIARY
Play with USE
Post-Mao Chinese leader DENG
Preparatory time EVE
Principle of harmonious design FENGSHUI
Protection AEGIS
Pull some strings? STRUM
Purchase that often costs 99ยข APP
Put forth, as a theory POSITED
Rapper Lil ___ X NAS
Result of spectators heckling a duffer? DISTRACTEDDRIVING
Road crew’s supply TAR
Rope holding down a bowsprit BOBSTAY
S O S in Gotham City BATSIGNAL
Scads ALOT
Scale starter, per ‘The Sound of Music’ DOE
School of thought ISM
Showing signs of neglect SEEDY
Sign of winter’s end PISCES
Simple and ingenious ELEGANT
Simple shelter TEPEE
Something consumed with a cracker? WALNUT
Something picked at with a pickax ORE
Spanish winds AIRES
Spoilers, of a sort NANAS
Sport WEAR
Spot coverage? TOUPEE
Stadium cry OLE
Standard outlet connection ACPLUG
Thorn in a dictator’s side DISSIDENT
Thurman of ‘Pulp Fiction’ UMA
Tiny insects in a swarm MIDGES
Turntable rates, in brief RPMS
V.I.P. rosters ALISTS
Vanquishers of kings? ACES
VW predecessors? STU
Wanderer NOMAD
Weapon sought by Voldemort ELDERWAND
Went green, perhaps? DYED
Wolf (down) SNARF
Woman with a well-known internet ‘list’ ANGIE
Word with rolling or bowling PIN
Yapped like a dog ARFED
___ order GAG
___ Parade, annual June celebration PRIDE
___ Purchase, 1853 land deal with Mexico GADSDEN
___ Reader UTNE