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New York Times, Sunday, April 26, 2020 Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Auld Lang ___’ SYNE
‘That’s my foot!!!’ YEOW
1969 hit for Neil Diamond SWEET
1990s Nickelodeon show about a preteen boy DOUG
A dip, or a series of steps SALSA
A hot one can burn you MIC
Ad label in red and white ASSEENONTV
Add oil and vinegar to, say DRESS
Adversary FOE
Agnus ___ (prayers) DEIS
Alan who directed ‘All the President’s Men’ PAKULA
Any nonzero number raised to the power of zero ONE
Applebee’s competitor CHILIS
Arc on a musical score SLUR
Arroz ___ cubana (Cuban-style rice) ALA
Attended WASAT
Banned aid? CRIB
Beget SIRE
Belief in Buddhism and Hinduism REIN
Beloved members of the family PETS
Bête noire BANE
Big dipper? OAR
Bit of chemistry ATOM
Bone connected to the wrist META
British ending ZED
Buckeyes’ sch OSU
Burning AFIRE
Bygone kings SHAHS
Certain make-your-own-entree station TACOBAR
Championship FINAL
Cheerfulness: Var GAYETY
China’s Zhou ___ ENLAI
Comics mutant XMAN
Command to a dog COME
Conventional STEREOTYPIC
Cousin of cream cheese SAM
D.C. types POLS
Deal with TAKE
Demerit DING
Doesn’t give a hoot, colloquially COULD
Dos más uno TRES
Early king of Athens, in Greek myth AEGEUS
Enlist again REUP
Event at a convention center EXPO
Florida county named for a president POLK
Former Saudi king FAHD
Founding member of the U.N. Security Council, for short USSR
Gambler’s alternative to Las Vegas, NV, or Atlantic City, NJ BILOXIMS
German city on the Weser BREMEN
Gerontologist’s study OLDAGE
Go back (on) RENEGE
Having a fix CURABLE
Heavy defeat MASSACRE
Hierarchical systems, so to speak TOTEMPOLES
Hosp. area ICU
Hound NAG
Humanities dept PSY
Invites out for ASKSTO
Island famous for its nightlife IBIZA
It fits a big frame, for short XLSHIRT
It may spit venom ACIDTONGUE
It stops at Union and Penn Stations ACELA
Italian pal PAISAN
Ken Griffey Jr. or Ichiro Suzuki EXMARINER
Kitchen gadgets RICERS
Latin version of the Bible VULGATE
Lead-in to Aid KOOL
Legal cover? ROBE
Like the entire 290-page Georges Perec novel ‘A Void,’ curiously enough ELESS
Little piggy RUNT
Loading areas DOCKS
Los Angeles’s ___ College of Art and Design OTIS
Magical rides FLYING
Nail polish brand ESSIE
Nasdaq, e.g.: Abbr MKT
News items often written in advance OBITS
No longer working: Abbr RET
Nonbinary pronoun THEIRS
Not outstanding PAID
Once-ubiquitous electronics outlets RADIOSHACKS
One hanging around the yard FEEDER
One with special I.T. privileges SUPERUSER
Orgs. running drives for school supplies PTAS
Peninsula with seven countries ARABIA
Per ___ ANNUM
Plugging away ATIT
Pond critter NEWT
Pop singer Ora RITA
QB-protecting group, for short OLINE
Races in place REVS
Ratchet (up) RAMP
Rather eccentric SCREWY
Risk maker HASBRO
Sea that Jesus is said to have walked on GALILEE
Sedate state STAIDNESS
See 47-Across VISION
Short winter days? XMASES
Slowly disappear ERODE
Some bolt holders TNUTS
Some of the American heartland PRAIRIE
Son of George and Jane Jetson ELROY
South American barbecue ASADO
Southern bread PONE
Spanish girlfriend AMIGA
Specks of dust MOTES
Stars in western movies, e.g BADGES
Start to pay attention TUNEIN
Statement that may precede ‘Wish me luck!’ HEREIGO
Subsidiary of CVS Health AETNA
Suffix with block ADE
Sullivan who taught Helen Keller ANNE
System of government POLITY
Tempe sch ASU
Temper INURE
Testing stage BETA
Texas A&M athlete AGGIE
The driving force behind this puzzle? CAR
They do dos HAIRSALONS
Things once tossed in the Trevi Fountain LIRAS
Things that can bounce EMAILS
This: Sp ESTO
Throwing away SID
Try to see if anyone is home, maybe PEERIN
Understand GET
Verbal concession IRESIGN
Was livid RAGED
Way to run someone out of town, idiomatically ONARAIL
What a plastic bag might come with, nowadays FEE
What Santa does before Christmas MAKESALIST
What torcedores can skillfully do ROLLACIGAR
Where talk is cheep? NEST
Who said ‘No good movie is too long. No bad movie is short enough’ EBERT
With 86-Across, fixation problem suggested by this puzzle’s theme TUNNEL
Worth mentioning OFNOTE
[Let it stand] STET
___ dog LAP