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New York Times, Sunday, August 1, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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‘… finished!’ ANDDONE
‘How awesome!’ TOOCOOL
‘I promise I won’t laugh,’ often LIE
‘My b!’ OOPS
‘No need to elaborate’ IGETIT
‘Ple-e-e-ease?’ CANI
‘Special Agent ___’ (animated Disney show about a bear) OSO
‘That stinks!’ BOO
‘The power of global trade’ sloganeer DHL
‘Ugh, gross’ ICK
‘Weekend, here I come!’ TGIF
‘What ___?’ ELSE
‘___ over’ (words after letting off steam) RANT
‘___-ching!’ CHA
12/24, e.g HALF
A is one ARTICLE
Actor Alan of ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ ALDA
Actor Guy PEARCE
Actress ___ Creed-Miles ESME
Airline based near Tel Aviv ELAL
Ambulance driver, for short EMT
Android alternative IOS
Apt name for a Christmas caroler? EWELL
Attempt to control the narrative, in a way SPIN
Bank, often LENDER
Big spread FEAST
Binghamton Rumble Ponies or Birmingham Barons AATEAM
Brain freeze cause, maybe ICEE
Certain guiding principle TAO
Certain Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Deserving of a timeout, say BAD
Dessert with some assembly required SMORE
Diagnosis characterized by repetitive behavior, in brief OCD
Doc treating sinus infections ENT
Does a summer job? ADDS
Dolphins’ div AFCEAST
Drift apart LOSETOUCH
Eccentric OUTRE
Every last drop ALL
Exams offered four times a year, for short LSATS
Exclamation after a sigh ALAS
Explorer Richard who made the first flight over the South Pole BYRD
Fermented Baltic drink KVASS
Feudal lord LIEGE
Figures DATA
Finished first WON
Focus of a marathon runner’s training PACE
Genre for One Direction TEENPOP
Grammy recipient Lisa LOEB
Grand opening? HARDG
Green giant? WINDTURBINE
Grown-up pup SEAL
Headache helper ASPIRIN
Help when writing a letter STENCIL
Hole PIT
Hoodwink CON
Indicate availability, in a way RSVP
Inflated feeling of infallibility GODCOMPLEX
Into crystals and auras, say NEWAGEY
It might have desks and drawers ARTROOM
Its calendar began in A.D. 622 ISLAM
Its national drink is the pisco sour PERU
Jolly rancher? OLDMACDONALD
Lava, e.g SOAP
Letters on a stamp USDA
Like basalt and obsidian IGNEOUS
Like many a company softball game COED
Like many a grillmaster APRONED
Like the Hmong language TONAL
Like the odds of finding a needle in a haystack SLIM
Litter box emanation ODOR
Lube up again REOIL
Magic can be seen here ORLANDO
Main character in Larry McMurtry’s ‘Lonesome Dove’ GUS
Meadow grass with brushlike spikes FOXTAIL
Means of divination TAROT
Member of a South Asian diaspora DESI
Naysayers DENIERS
Often-contracted word NOT
Old pal CRONY
Omar of ‘Love & Basketball’ EPPS
Ones working block by block? ICEMEN
Ozone-harming compounds, for short CFCS
Pac-12 school, informally CAL
Photo finish MATTE
Play with, as a cat might a toy mouse PAWAT
Plots of western films? HOMESTEADS
Police broadcast, for short APB
Producer of the world’s most widely read consumer catalog IKEA
Qualification shorthand FWIW
Quick talk CHAT
Relating to land, old-style PREDIAL
Rolls around while exercising? MATS
Rough patch THICKET
Shade of purple PLUM
Side dish at a barbecue SUCCOTASH
Sides (with) AGREES
Slobbery cartoon character ODIE
Some vacation rentals AIRBNBS
Something sent on a Listserv EMAIL
South American capital PESO
Soy something TOFU
Sporty wheels COUPE
Stag’s date? DOE
Standing on ATOP
State of disorder ENTROPY
Statements of will? VOWS
Subj. devoting extra time to idioms ESL
Supermodel Kate UPTON
Tech sch. in Troy, N.Y RPI
Teeny-tiny ATOMIC
Texas instruments? STEELGUITARS
Texter’s ‘Hilarious!’ ROFL
The British 20-pence and 50-pence coins, geometrically HEPTAGONS
They can help you see or taste GLASSES
Those: Sp ESOS
Took a little look PEEPED
Took to court SUED
Truce PACT
Upsilon preceder TAU
Warrant MERIT
What nyctophobia is the fear of DARK
What pro bono lawyers waive LEGALFEES
X, in linear functions INPUT
[Hey, over here!] PSST
___ B or ___ C of the Spice Girls MEL
___ Clarendon, first openly transgender W.N.B.A. player LAYSHIA
___ milk OAT
___ Millions MEGA
___ Ng, author of ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ CELESTE
___ Perlman, role for Timothée Chalamet in ‘Call Me by Your Name’ ELIO
___ school MED