New York Times, Sunday, August 15, 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
#$%& and @%¢! TWOLETTERWORDS
‘A man’s character is his ___’: Heraclitus FATE
‘As You Like It’ forest ARDEN
‘Deck the Halls’ contraction TIS
‘I. Can’t. Even.’ JUSTWOW
‘If the pessimists are right …’ ATWORST
‘Just like ___!’ THAT
‘Really, though?’ ISIT
‘Success!’ ITWORKS
‘Suds’ BEER
‘That’s enough arguing out of you!’ DROPIT
‘The Magic School Bus’ was its first fully animated series PBS
‘The Raven’ writer’s inits EAP
Abolitionist Lucretia MOTT
Absorb the beauty of, as a scene DRINKIN
Accelerator particles IONS
Actress Merrill DINA
Added to the staff? NOTATED
Advanced math degree? NTH
Aquafina : PepsiCo :: ___ : Coca-Cola DASANI
Arizona county or its seat YUMA
Artificial habitat BIODOME
Awesomest bud BFF
Bad temper SPLEEN
Be up for some biking? POPAWHEELIE
Beach with a girl who ‘swings so cool’ IPANEMA
Betray … or a hint to four answers in this puzzle DOUBLECROSS
Big believer in the freedom of assembly? IKEA
Bite site CAFE
Boos and cheers NOISES
Bought in ANTED
Cause for an onslaught of yearly txts BDAY
Classic folk story that teaches a lesson of sharing STONESOUP
Classic novel with the line ‘You must be the best judge of your own happiness’ EMMA
Coaxed (out of) TEASED
Confound ADDLE
Confused responses HUHS
Corn kernel, e.g NIBLET
Crew implement SCULL
Dark hair and a warm smile, for two TRAITS
Decorate BEDECK
Duplicitous ONEFACED
East: Ger OST
Environmental opening ECO
Extends, in a way RENEWS
Fast runners HARES
Fight site ARENA
Figure out REALIZE
Finished brushing one’s teeth, say SPAT
First law enforcement org. in the U.S. to hire a female officer LAPD
Full-length UNCUT
Genre for BTS or Blackpink KPOP
Gladly, old-style LIEF
Half of a ’55 union merger AFL
Hedy of the 2017 documentary ‘Bombshell’ LAMARR
High-quality cannabis, in slang ENDO
In the past ONCE
Ink holders in pens and squid SACS
Insurance giant bailed out in 2008 AIG
Jazzy James and Jones ETTAS
Job to do STINT
Kind of chip NACHO
Lacked the gumption to DAREDNOT
Landscaper’s supply SOD
Language in which ‘kia ora’ is a greeting MAORI
Latin list ender ETAL
Lead-in to call ROBO
Like ALA
Like morning people vis-à-vis night owls, around dawn PERKIER
Lip-puckering SOUR
List of performers LINEUP
Long runs? EONS
Makeup target LASH
Monthly publication of the National Puzzlers’ League, with ‘The’ ENIGMA
More convinced SURER
Most chiffonlike AIRIEST
Most Times Square signage ADS
Musicianship EAR
Nail polish brand OPI
Neighbor of Mozambique MALAWI
Ninny TWIT
Nonwriting credentials for Conan Doyle and Chekhov, informally MDS
Not thinking ONAUTO
Novelist Margaret ATWOOD
One getting special instruction TUTEE
Overturned REPEALED
Overwhelm FLOOD
Part of many a corsage ORCHID
Pasture LEA
Performance check TEST
Places for development UTERI
Playwright Will who was a 2005 Pulitzer finalist ENO
Post on Insta PIC
Practice whose name means, literally, ‘union’ YOGA
Prefix with classical NEO
Press ___ KIT
Prof’s degree PHD
Pushing up daisies THREEFEETUNDER
Question of perplexion WHA
Racial justice movement since 2013, in brief BLM
Real cutup RIOT
Response to ‘How bad was it?’ DONTASK
Samoan capital APIA
Sarcastic internet laughter LOLZ
Seller’s need CUSTOMER
Set of 50 on the Argo, in myth OARS
Signed off on OKD
Some $200 Monopoly properties, in brief RRS
Some Hershey candies ROLOS
Some tax breaks WRITEOFFS
Something that bugs criminals? WIRETAPPING
Sound at the end of December, appropriately? BRR
Spain’s Duchess of ___ ALBA
Spirit in Arabian myth JINN
Star man? ZAGAT
Sternutation SNEEZE
Stop along the highway INN
Stroke PET
Symbol on the Connecticut state quarter OAK
The avant-garde ‘artists’ Congo and Pierre Brassau APES
The Supremes’ record label MOTOWN
Thin incision SLIT
Things that may be rubbed after din-din TUMMIES
Time-consuming assignment to grade ESSAY
To’s opposite FRO
Ukr. or Lith., formerly SSR
Wednesday, but not Friday ADDAMS
What the beleaguered are behind FOURBALL
When repeated, a reproof TUT
Where a ‘Married at First Sight’ contestant meets his or her mate ALTAR
Word before cap or pop ICE
Word in many font names SANS
Words before ‘before’ ONOR
Xanax alternative VALIUM
___ dress PROM
___ of lies WEB
___ the Cat (fictional feline of children’s books) PETE

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