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New York Times, Sunday, August 16, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘A likely story!’ IBET
‘Blueberries for ___’ (classic children’s book) SAL
‘Einstein on the Beach,’ e.g OPERA
‘Ella and ___’ (1956 jazz album) LOUIS
‘Hey, pal, over here!’ PSST
‘Likewise!’ IAMTOO
‘Once upon a midnight dreary …’ penner POE
‘Regardless …’ INANYEVENT
‘Sure, that makes sense’ IGETIT
‘The Hangover’ co-star EDHELMS
‘The Loco-Motion’ singer Little ___ EVA
‘The Simpsons’ character with a Ph.D APU
‘Vous ĂȘtes ___’ (French map notation) ICI
‘Welp, guess I have to try again’ NOLUCK
‘___ Another’ (NPR game show) ASKME
‘___ be an honor’ ITD
‘___ say!’ ILL
Actress Tyler who will be an apt age in 2031 LIV
Alan with six Emmys ALDA
Alternative title for ‘Cleopatra’? THEAFRICANQUEEN
Alternative title for ‘Frankenstein’? DOCTORSTRANGE
Alternative title for ‘Gone Girl’? THELADYVANISHES
Alternative title for ‘The Dirty Dozen’? TWELVEANGRYMEN
Alternative title for ‘The Name of the Rose’? AMERICANBEAUTY
Alternative title for ‘Titanic’? WATERSHIPDOWN
Approximately ABOUT
ASCAP alternative BMI
Bank-backing grp FDIC
Boxer Ali LAILA
Calendar spans: Abbr YRS
Casablanca’s country: Abbr MOR
Charles ___, religious leader known as ‘The Father of Modern Revivalism’ FINNEY
Chart-toppers HITSONGS
Complete ARRANT
D.C. donor PAC
Dessert often topped with caramel sauce FLAN
Develop over time GESTATE
Disc brake components ROTORS
Duck dish CONFIT
Ending with ultra- or super- SONIC
Female friend, in France AMIE
First name of a Peace Nobelist that ends ironically ANWAR
Food item VIAND
French automaker RENAULT
Gives a hoot YELLS
Grp. organizing school dances PTA
Head-butts RAMS
Hear here! EAR
Hello Kitty company SANRIO
Hither and ___ YON
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum city HANOI
Hook’s sidekick SMEE
Humble abodes SHACKS
IDs assigned at birth: Abbr SSNS
Italian city NW of Milan VARESE
Ivy League nickname ELI
Joined a petition SIGNED
Just out of the freezer UNTHAWED
Killed time IDLED
Laptop brand ACER
Lengths for rulers REIGNS
Like commercials, often MUTED
Like grass you can smell, perhaps MOWN
Lowbrow art KITSCH
Make a break for it RUN
Make a move ACT
Modem letters DSL
Monopoly token elected by an internet vote CAT
More underhanded SLYER
Mortgage co SANDL
Nabisco’s first cracker brand, introduced in 1899 UNEEDA
Nail polish brand OPI
Needs medicine, say ISSICK
Newswire co UPI
Nile snakes ASPS
Not glossy MATTE
Nuevo ___ (Mexican state) LEON
O.E.D. part: Abbr DIC
Outmoded part of a laptop CDDRIVE
Painter Magritte RENE
Partner of cut DRIED
Parts of zygotes OVA
Pasture parent EWE
Pets kept in terrariums TURTLES
Phillipa who played Eliza in the original cast of ‘Hamilton’ SOO
Prefix with pathetic SYM
Production co. behind ‘Rhoda’ and ‘Newhart’ MTM
Pulled from a raffle drum DRAWN
Raised sculptures RELIEFS
Recipients of venture capital STARTUPS
Red Guard members MAOISTS
Remove braids from UNPLAIT
Round things? DRINKS
Sandal brand TEVA
Sauce on chicken Parmesan MARINARA
Scholar SAVANT
Seating section TIER
See 68-Across BIRDIE
Seller of the Ultimate Waffle Sandwich IHOP
Semi, e.g TRUCK
Senator Klobuchar AMY
Shankar who taught sitar to George Harrison RAVI
Sheepskin holders ALUMS
Shortcut for a frequent contact SPEEDDIAL
Slugger Hideki named the 2009 World Series M.V.P MATSUI
Smooth-tongued OILY
Soft leather SUEDE
Something trademarked LOGO
Soothing summer soak COLDBATH
Sorted in order RANKED
St. ___ Chapel, New York City public building in continuous use since 1766 PAULS
Standard USUAL
Sticky situation MORASS
Stone to cast? SHARON
Stopovers INNS
Terry Bradshaw, for his entire career STEELER
Tharp who choreographed ‘Hair’ TWYLA
They can get canceled STAMPS
They don’t go much higher than the tongue Anklesocks
They feature clowns and rope tricks RODEOS
Took a load off SAT
Toyota model since 1966 COROLLA
Two-door or four-door SEDAN
Unenthused response to ‘Wanna?’ NAH
Upper limit CAP
Van ___, Calif NUYS
Way to go AVENUE
What a dental scaler removes TARTAR
What a koozie might keep cool BEER
With 70-Across, alternative title for ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’? BYEBYE
Words to a betrayer ETTU
Workload that must be met QUOTA
[Actually, don’t delete this] STET
___ Hari MATA
___-faire SAVOIR