New York Times, Sunday, August 21, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘C’mon, ___ be fun’ ITLL
‘Candyman’ director DaCosta NIA
‘If we must die, O ___ us nobly die’: Claude McKay LET
‘Mighty Morphin’ TV character POWERRANGER
‘Seems likely’ IDBET
‘That’s enough lip out of you!’ DONTSASSME
‘The Marvelous ___ Maisel’ MRS
‘We don’t need to hear the details!’ SPAREUS
‘We must wait to see what happens’ TIMEWILLTELL
‘We’re all ___ here’ ADULTS
‘___ Te Ching’ TAO
Actress Dennings KAT
Actress/activist Jane FONDA
After-school activities one wouldn’t list on a college app DETENTIONS
Attack, Quixote-style TILTAT
Bit of land in la mer ILE
Bongo-playing 1950s stereotype BEATNIK
Carpentry peg DOWEL
Certain chew toy TEETHER
Cloud on a summer day GNATS
Cold, as agua FRIA
Compendium of case reports LAWBOOK
Connections INS
Crystalline structure LATTICE
Dance move that resembles a front flip HEADSPRING
Day-___ GLO
Descriptor for IHOP’s Fresh ‘N Fruity pancakes ROOTYTOOTY
Design, as software DEVELOP
Designer Anne KLEIN
Dillydallying KILLINGTIME
Dirk Nowitzki, for 21 seasons, in brief MAV
Disney girl who fosters an alien LILO
E.C. ___, creator of Popeye SEGAR
Embarrassing miss AIRBALL
Erbium, terbium or ytterbium ELEMENT
Ethiopia’s Lake ___ TANA
Farm cry BLEAT
Fifth-century nomad of central Asia HUN
Fitting APT
Freeway dividers MEDIANS
Fromage base LAIT
Gently enter EASEIN
Guide outside a bus station, often CITYMAP
Has an understanding SEES
Having free time NOTOCCUPIED
High-speed races with gates SUPERGS
Indicators of status in Maori culture FACETATTOOS
Informal favor request DOMEASOLID
Introduction to an adage ITISSAID
It may give a bowler a hook HATTREE
It’s back on Broadway REVIVAL
Italian dance form from the Spanish for ‘walk in the street’ PASSACAGLIA
Its falls are quite dramatic NIAGARARIVER
J.G. Ballard dystopia about a man stranded between motorways CONCRETEISLAND
Journalist/screenwriter ___ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Juan ___, baseball star nicknamed ‘Childish Bambino’ SOTO
Kangaroo ___ RAT
Keystone State airport code PHL
Kind of bra cup DEMI
Kind of high-fat diet used as an epilepsy therapy KETO
Kind of tape VHS
Legal profession? OATH
Like fire drills and dress rehearsals PREPARATIVE
Like many a dinner function CATERED
Like one on stilts TALL
Like Plan B, for short OTC
Like suboptimal kite-flying weather CALM
Like the concept of a flat Earth ERRONEOUS
Mermaid’s home, maybe LAGOON
Met highlight ARIA
Momentary slip LAPSE
Needing another dryer cycle, say DAMP
Negative responses REFUSALS
New Jersey athlete DEVIL
Noisemakers dangling below a ‘Just Married’ sign SODACANS
Nuclear model named for a physicist BOHRATOM
Online shopping site for handicrafts ETSY
Only sch. to have a gold medal winner in every Summer Olympics since 1912 USC
Org. that regulates pet food and false eyelashes FDA
Orpheus’ instrument LYRE
Overhaul REDO
Pause, in music REST
Performers wearing pa’us and malos HULADANCERS
Pharmaceutical company whose Nasdaq symbol is MRNA MODERNA
Portuguese city with a historic university founded in 1290 COIMBRA
Pressed (down) TAMPED
Really wallops CREAMS
Response to ‘Danke’ BITTE
Result of a delay LATEARRIVAL
Royal house on the Arabian Peninsula SAUD
Sci. class with dissections BIOLAB
Seattle team THEMARINERS
Second-least populous state capital, after Montpelier PIERRE
Set aside DEDICATE
Showcase for a first chair in an orchestra SOLO
Side-by-side calculation AREA
Singer Celia Cruz or actress Rosie Perez AFROLATINA
Singer with the album ‘Voyage to India’ ARIE
Small fault NIT
Some bishops POPES
Some Minecraft blocks ORES
Specialized vocabularies ARGOTS
Symbol of longevity in Chinese numerology NINE
They don’t express gender NEOPRONOUNS
They’ve taken the veil NUNS
Triangular snack chip DORITO
Twitter titter LOL
Useless OTIOSE
Utility company professional METERREADER
Vanilla unit POD
What the musicals ‘Beggar’s Holiday’ and ‘Rent’ are based on OPERAS
Where many people walk out? GAYPRIDEPARADE
Word on an invoice REMIT
Word with hot or headed RED
Words before ‘gratia plena, Dominus tecum’ AVEMARIA
___ culpa MEA

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