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New York Times, Sunday, August 23, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
[Not again!] GROAN
___ hook (rock climbing technique) TOE
___-Grain (breakfast bar brand) NUTRI
A collar might hide i NAPE
Affectionate refusal NODEAR
All right SOSO
Angels’ opposites BRATS
Angsty genre EMO
Apple variety IMAC
Arundhati ___, winner of the 1997 Booker Prize ROY
Ball of vinegared rice topped with raw fish NIGIRI
Bar freebie COASTER
Basketball player, in old slang CAGER
Bender SPREE
Big name in music streaming SPOTIFY
Big step for a start-up, in brief IPO
Boasts CROWS
Brain wave chart, for short EEG
Bronze that’s not winning any awards? FAKETAN
B-side to the Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride” YESITIS
Busy time at the I.R.S.: Abbr. APR
Buzz Lightyear and Woody, e.g. TOYS
Canceled out NEGATED
Car sticker fig. MSRP
Charge FEE
Classic Isaac Asimov collection of short stories IROBOT
Cocaine and guns, in a Pacino movie? SCARFACERESOURCES
Completely committed ALLIN
Correct AMEND
Creative class ART
Crunchy, green side dish KALESALAD
Decorative pillowcases SHAMS
Dutch brewery AMSTEL
Enjoy the sun BASK
Excel function that uses a calendar EDATE
Express displeasure with on the road HONKAT
Fade away EBB
Fiddlesticks! DRAT
Focus of “Ocean’s Eleven” HEIST
Former Mideast grp. UAR
French Foreign Legion, par exemple ARMEE
G.I. fare MRE
German “please” BITTE
Ginger, e.g. ROOT
Give me a minute HOLDIT
Give mom’s mom the stink eye? GLAREATGRANDMA
GPS suggestions: Abbr. RTES
Gradual deterioration WEAR
Having the least give TAUTEST
Hit show with the series finale “One for the Road” CHEERS
How some bonds are sold ATPAR
Hummer’s instrument KAZOO
Iditarod, for one? AMAZINGDOGRACE
In the same family AKIN
Inc., in London LTD
Infamous emperor NERO
Inner: Prefix ENTO
Intertwine ENLACE
Irish novelist ___ Binchy MAEVE
Is that really necessary? MUSTI
It helps turn a pond green ALGA
Italian dumplings GNOCCHI
It’s sometimes covered in velvet ANTLER
Jackson known as the “Queen of Gospel” MAHALIA
Juuls and such ECIGS
Land in the so-called “Roof of the World” NEPAL
Large in scope MACRO
Letting out all the stops to drown out the other instruments? ORGANDOMINATION
Like most prime numbers ODD
Like this clue META
Longtime home for Terry Gross NPR
Lyre player of myth ERATO
Massive, in poetry ENORM
Medical tube STENT
Michelangelo’s “The Creation of ___” ADAM
Middle: Abbr. CTR
More scrumptious YUMMIER
Morning ___ GLORY
Mouth-puckering ACERB
New York’s iconic ___ Building SEAGRAM
Non-U.S. M.L.B. team, on sports tickers TOR
Not on point INAPT
Nurse back to health REHAB
Oklahoma! aunt ELLER
On tenterhooks, maybe AGOG
One driving kids around in a Subaru? FORESTERPARENT
One Mic rapper NAS
One to whom you tell *everything* BFF
Opinion SAY
Part of an agenda ITEM
Party symbol since 1870 DONKEY
Peacenik DOVE
Penny pinchers CHEAPOS
Perez of “Do the Right Thing” ROSIE
Poet Carson ANNE
Predator of the Pacific Northwest ORCA
Puerto ___ RICAN
Quick tennis match ONESET
Resolute FIRM
Scallywag SCAMP
Set on edge GRATE
Show stoppers? REMOTES
Side of a diamond FACET
Sidestep AVOID
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Slip of the fingers TYPO
Slowly, in music LENTO
So much for that IGUESSNOT
Sorento or Sedona KIA
Sorry state REMORSE
Station DEPOT
Stick in a boat OAR
Suffix with auto- MATIC
Suffix with switch EROO
Take into account? SAVE
Teeny ITTY
The “M” of MHz MEGA
The A.P.’s Female Athlete of the Decade for the 2010s, familiarly SERENA
Tiebreakers, briefly OTS
Totes LUGS
Troops who are worried about sun protection? PARASOLMILITARY
Turn down DIM
Twelve Days of Christmas musician who invites sympathy? THEPITIEDPIPER
What a left parenthesis suggests in an emoticon FROWN
What Consumer Reports lacks, unlike most other magazines ADS
What might come down to the wire? BIRD
What orchids may grow without SOIL
When 13-Across aired for most of its run ATNINE
Where a sloth spends most of its life TREE
Where Simone Biles won four golds RIO
Whine connoisseurs? CRABS
William who wrote “Shrek!” STEIG
Winters or Somers ACTRESS
Without much thought IDLY
Word processing command PASTE
Wraps up ENDS