New York Times, Sunday, August 28, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Beats me’ IVENOIDEA
‘Beep!’ source PAGER
‘My bad!’ OOPS
‘N Sync member who later became a gay rights activist LANCEBASS
‘No! Not true!’ THATSALIE
‘Oh, gotcha’ ISEE
‘Potent Potables for $1,000, ___’ (onetime TV request) ALEX
‘SmackDown’ org WWE
‘So it goes’ ALAS
‘Ugh, ___ people!’ SOME
‘Yeah, whatever you say’ OKSURE
3 ft. x 5 ft., e.g SPEC
401(k) alternative, in brief IRA
A handful NOTMANY
A little of a lot? [carp, pig, snake] PARKINGSPACE
A long, long time AGES
Actress Perlman RHEA
Actress Seyfried of ‘The Dropout’ AMANDA
Agenda topics ITEMS
Al-___, family of Syrian leaders ASSAD
Antagonism ANIMUS
Auctioneer’s aid GAVEL
Best-selling author Hoag TAMI
Bit of tomfoolery ESCAPADE
Boardroom V.I.P CEO
Bridge that’s painted International Orange [dog, eel, gnat] GOLDENGATE
Buzzkill [bat, elk, newt] WETBLANKET
Certain sports tiebreaker SHOOTOUT
Chaplin of ‘Game of Thrones’ OONA
Common cause of some impulsive behavior, in brief ADHD
Creatures described as catarrhine, from the Latin for ‘downward-nosed’ APES
Crestfallen SAD
Cut (off) LOP
Cut deeply GASH
Details to be negotiated TERMS
Devilish look? GOATEE
Doubleday who is miscredited with inventing baseball ABNER
Drink with a spoon-straw ICEE
End up being AMOUNTTO
Ending with orange ADE
Fancy flower holders URNS
Fashionable spots POLKADOTS
Fasten with a belt GIRD
Felt bad about RUED
Fire tablet competitor IPAD
Floor square TILE
Gaelic garment TARTAN
Genesis matriarch LEAH
Get a party started? [bee, hare, tick] BREAKTHEICE
Gets around EVADES
Glitzy, informally GLAM
Go down, in a way LOSE
Goal AIM
Goes wild RUNSAMOK
Granada grandpa ABUELO
Gray-brown flycatchers PHOEBES
Guard seen around a castle MOAT
How a video game might be played by beginners ONEASY
Immediately following NEXT
In good condition TRIM
Inits. in biotech GMO
Lean toward PREFER
Legal contract phrase INRE
Life preserver? ARK
Light touches PATS
Like a vampire’s face, stereotypically ASHEN
Like Antarctica ARID
Lime and soda, e.g ALKALIS
Locale of many vines [cat, elephant, worm] WATERMELONPATCH
London landmark [beetle, hog, rat] GLOBETHEATRE
Long-running soap opera that debuted in 1963 [ant, gorilla, sheep] GENERALHOSPITAL
Magic trick starter ABRA
Make dry, as salmon OVERCOOK
Maker of Chromebooks ACER
Matriculation group ENROLLEES
Medical plan inits HMO
Merchant’s stock GOODS
Mixes animal species … as eight answers in this puzzle do? CROSSBREEDS
Morning TV host Kotb HODA
Mount in Greek myth OSSA
Name that’s a letter off from 25-Across ALEC
Natural source of glitter MICA
Nightspot in a Manilow hit, in brief COPA
Nonmedical org. that uses X-rays TSA
Number of planetas en el sistema solar OCHO
One might be accessed by a QR code, nowadays MENU
One might develop consciousness in a sci-fi story ROBOT
One of the Williamses SERENA
Opposite of une adversaire AMIE
Overnight perch ROOST
Pain relief pill ALEVE
Pair in the Winter Olympics SKATES
Part of U.C.L.A LOS
Pennsylvania school, for short PITT
Place LIEU
Placeholder inits TBD
Poetic tributes ODES
Prankster’s offerings GAGS
Pros with negotiations AGENTS
Request for a hand DEALMEIN
Rhizome, to a botanist ROOTSTALK
Rug thickness PILE
Sacred hieroglyph ANKH
Sapa ___ (ancient emperor’s title) INCA
Second caliph of Sunni Islam UMAR
See 10-Down WROTE
Show with a Miami spinoff CSI
Sippy cup users TOTS
Sirs’ counterparts MAAMS
Site to flick through flicks IMDB
Something you might step on by the shower [cobra, moth, seal] BATHROOMSCALE
Spare part? PIN
Spend time together, in slang HANG
Strong connection BOND
Strong hold IRONGRIP
Subjects of some promotions PAWNS
Summer top TEE
Summit of Mount Purgatory, in Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ EDEN
Surrender CEDE
Symbol for an audio device EAR
Target of a modern scan RETINA
Test for future Ph.D.s GRE
Things seen in a window TABS
Tried to fight CAMEAT
TV, newspapers, streaming services, etc THEMEDIA
Warhol’s ‘Marilyn Diptych,’ e.g POPART
Warrant EARN
Was worthwhile, with ‘off’ PAID
Wave to one’s math professor? SINE
What you can rarely do at a red light GOLEFT
Wild guess STAB
Wiped out ERASED
With 47-Down, ‘That’s all’ follower SHE
Word with garden or party TEA
Word with power, talk or band GIRL
___ Malnati’s, Chicago-style pizza chain LOU
___ song SIREN

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