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New York Times, Sunday, August 30, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘… you get the idea’ ETC
‘Catch-22’ pilot ORR
‘Ciao!’ SEEYA, BYE
‘Doe, ___ …’ ADEER
‘I’m listening …’ TRYME
‘Let’s do this!’ IMIN
‘Pitch Perfect’ a cappella group, with ‘the’ BELLAS
‘You got it!’ CANDO
‘___ Catch ‘Em All’ (Pok√©mon theme song) GOTTA
1957 Broadway hit starring Robert Preston, with ‘The’ MUSICMAN
21st Greek letter PHI
7/ JUL
A.L. East team … or, using the shaded square [see note], what a little movement by this puzzle’s subject might cause TOR
Actress Susan of ‘The Partridge Family’ DEY
After-dinner offering TEA
Anesthetic of old ETHER
Another name for Cupid EROS
Assessment: Abbr EVAL
Assumed part of some addresses HTTP
Baker’s container PIEPAN
Bit of cunning WILE
Black suit SPADES
Bound for OFFTO
Break out GETFREE
Bring down SADDEN
Canceling key ESC
Cereal that changes the color of the milk COCOAPUFFS
Clear a path for LETBY
Comics dog who walks on two feet ODIE
Computer data structure ARRAY
Convinced ASSURED
Course for a non-Anglophone, for short ESL
Creature that can lick its own eyes GECKO
Croft of Tomb Raider LARA
Current fashion RAGE
Custom-made, as a suit BESPOKE
Director DuVernay AVA
Does really well THRIVES
Dupes, in a way LIESTO
Eight-bit gaming console, for short NES
Exchanges words, say EDITS
Famous literary nickname, with ‘The’ BARD
First name in the freezer aisle BEN
Flowed into FED
Gastric malady ULCER
Goblinlike creatures ORCS
Goddess of witchcraft HECATE
Going rate? AIRFARE
Half of O.H.M.S ONHER
Hall-of-Fame QB Dawson LEN
Handles, as an account, in brief REPS
Help to settle MEDIATE
Invitation from a host SIT
Irritated mood SNIT
John Wayne, by birth IOWAN
Keebler crew ELVES
Kerfuffle ADO
Like ‘Waiting for Godot’ TWOACT
Longtime daily TV show about the rich and famous ENEWS
Magical resource in Magic: The Gathering MANA
Mandarin greeting NIHAO
Mate for life? BESTFRIEND
Math grouping seen in curly brackets SET
Mathematical field that includes the 81-Across CHAOSTHEORY
Middle black key in a group of three, on a piano AFLAT
Middle of the definition CANMAKEALLTHE
N.B.A. team with black-and-white uniforms NETS
N.Y.C. summer hrs EDT
Nobel laureate Morrison TONI
Not on time for LATETO
Noted 1836 battle site ALAMO
On an airplane, it’s filled with nitrogen rather than air TIRE
One of 42 on a Connect Four board HOLE
One-named singer with Grammys in 1985 and 2010 SADE
Paradise EDEN
Period ERA
Pianist’s pace TEMPO
Pop singer known for wearing face-covering wigs SIA
Practical joke JAPE
Prefix with -sphere ATMO
Protected, in a way ALEE
Psychic energy fields AURAS
Rabbit in a red dress JESSICA
Ready to crash WIPED
Regal home MANOR
Remains here? CRYPT
Repeated word in a Doris Day song SERA
Response to a puppy video, maybe AWW
Return to a theme, as in a symphony REPRISE
Rolls-___ ROYCE
Sci-fi moon ENDOR
Scrap, slangily RASSLE
See 109-Across INTHEWORLD
Seeing red? INDEBT
Selling point? SHOP
Soleus muscle locale CALF
Some college assignments ESSAYS
Some laptops ACERS
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Southeast Asian language LAO
Spanish title: Abbr SRTA
Sports figure STAT
Stand-up comic Margaret CHO
Start of a definition of the 81-Across ONESMALLTHING
Subject of this puzzle, as suggested visually by its central black squares BUTTERFLYEFFECT
Table scraps ORTS
Temporarily adopt, as a pet FOSTER
The last of the Pillars of Islam HADJ
The Sims and others PCGAMES
They have pointy teeth GEARS
They’re parked at national parks RVS
Those: Sp ESAS
Tick off ANGER
Timetable abbr TBA
Tiny terriers YORKIES
Tolkien race ENTS
Toy on a grooved track SLOTCAR
Traditional Valentine’s Day gift FLOWERS
Tulsa sch ORU user STREAMER
Vine support TRELLIS
Visionaries SEERS
What may come after you ARE
When ‘Laverne & Shirley’ ran for most of its run: Abbr TUE
Wild Asian equines ONAGERS
Wild guess STAB
With 113-Across, end of the definition DIFFERENCE
Word aptly found in ‘price control’ ECON
Words of clarification when spelling ASIN
Worker who might check all the boxes? MOVER
Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil of the Wild West EARPS