New York Times, Sunday, August 8, 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘As you go, make sure you exercise your ___’ FREEDOMOFASSEMBLY
‘C’mon, slowpoke!’ MOVEIT
‘First, you’re going to want to dump out the box and ___’ PICKUPTHEPIECES
‘Is it still a date?’ AREWEON
‘ka-POW!’ BAM
‘Tap tap tap …’ activity TYPING
‘That’s gotta hurt!’ OOF
‘The Puzzle Palace’ org NSA
‘To connect things up you’ll have to ___’ PLAYWITHMATCHES
‘Was it ___ I saw?’ (classic palindrome) ARAT
‘What’s most useful next is to ___’ GOOVERTHEEDGE
‘With patience and perseverance you’re sure to ___’ GETITTOGETHER
‘You agree?’ (*nudge, nudge*) AMIRITE
‘You’ll ___ for this!’ PAY
A certain degree MASTERS
Achievement for Whoopi Goldberg, in brief EGOT
Actor Brody ADRIEN
Annoying PESTY
Approves OKAYS
Apps made with jalapeƱos and cheese POPPERS
At peace SERENE
Axe target ODOR
Barflies SOTS
Beehives, but not hornets’ nests UPDOS
Big suit CEO
Blood line VEIN
Bonnie with five Top 40 hits in the 1990s RAITT
Bosom buddies BESTPALS
Bounded LEAPT
Brain diagnostics, for short EEGS
Capital on a 126-mile-long canal that’s used as a skating rink in the winter OTTAWA
Castigates TEARSINTO
China holder? ASIA
College app component REC
Companion in Brittany AMIE
Confer, as credibility LEND
Course goal PAR
Creamy Italian dish RISOTTO
Daredevil’s hashtag YOLO
Derby, e.g HAT
Devote SPEND
Distinctive part of a cookie cutter SHAPE
Doe in a court case JANE
Egg, e.g GAMETE
End of many a sports broadcast RECAP
Ends, as a mission ABORTS
English breakfast, e.g TEA
Euphoric feeling ELATION
Exercise program since the 1990s TAEBO
Fairy tale figure GNOME
Feel regret RUE
Feeling it after a marathon, say ACHY
Field work of note in 1979 NORMARAE
Fir tree BALSAM
Francis of old game shows ARLENE
Freestyles, perhaps RAPS
Gathers some intel RECONS
Get into a lot PARK
Gets wild and crazy PARTIESDOWN
Good name for an investor? IRA
Government economic org., at any rate? FED
Grannies NANAS
High-end Italian auto, informally ALFA
Homes for high fliers AERIES
How people often scroll through social media IDLY
Instruction to drivers leaving cars at a garage NOSEIN
Jacob’s brother, in the Bible ESAU
Joshes KIDS
Keats, for one ODIST
Keister TUSHY
Language related to Manx ERSE
Leave skid marks, maybe SWERVE
Legendary EPIC
Letter between foxtrot and hotel in the NATO alphabet GOLF
Like cioccolato or torta DOLCE
Little bouquets POSIES
Loads ATON
Love to bits ADORE
Mary Poppins, for one NANNY
Menial laborer, metaphorically COG
Mists, e.g WETS
More like a dive bar or certain bread SEEDIER
More straight-faced STONIER
Moved like waves or muscles RIPPLED
N.F.L. standout ALLPRO
Name suffix meaning ‘mountain’ BERG
Noshed on ATE
O-line anchor CTR
One of the B’s in BB&B BATH
One of the B’s in BB&B BED
Ones getting the crumbs? PIGEONS
Part of a pie or the earth CRUST
Peak sacred to the goddess Rhea MTIDA
Perspective VIEW
Pick up on SENSE
Play again, as a TV special RESHOW
Prefix with color or state TRI
Rescue dog, for one ADOPTEE
Response to the Little Red Hen NOTI
Retreat LAIR
Rifle, in frontier lingo OLDBETSY
Role for ‘Ronny’ Howard OPIE
Roman goddess of wisdom MINERVA
Sharp, on a TV, informally HIDEF
Singer whom M.L.K. Jr. called the ‘queen of American folk music’ ODETTA
Singer Willie NELSON
Some Madison Avenue workers ADMEN
Songs that can be trilling? ARIAS
Sought office RAN
Sounds in a yoga studio OMS
St. ___ University (Philadelphia school) JOSEPHS
Staple of skin care ALOE
State flower of Utah SEGO
Steady, maybe BEAU
Style that makes waves PERM
Sugar ending OSE
Take back, for short REPO
Temporal ___ LOBE
Titus and Tiberius EMPERORS
Trojans’ sch USC
UPS competitor DHL
Used as a rendezvous point METAT
Very in HOT
W.W. II fighters GIS
Word that becomes its own opposite by putting a ‘T’ at the front HERE
Words with a ring to them? IDO
Wrath IRE
___-Cat SNO

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