New York Times, Sunday, July 3, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Alas!’ AHME
‘And so on and so forth’ ETCETC
‘Anything you suggest is fine’ IMEASY
‘Enough dillydallying!’ LETSGETONWITHIT
‘Oh, that’s so nice of you to say!’ GIVINGTHANKS
‘Ready for ___ …?’ THIS
‘Scram!’ SHOO
‘Sweet Dreams (___ Made of This)’ (Eurythmics hit) ARE
‘Them’s fightin’ words!’ ITSON
9 a.m. service TERCE
A as in Agamemnon ALPHA
Abbr. on a ‘works cited’ list ETAL
Alternative to this and that THEOTHER
Animal aptly found in ‘feather one’s nest’ HERON
Anthropologist’s adjective ETHNIC
Approach NEAR
Ask for money, informally HITUP
Baby’s cry WAH
Back, in a way BETON
Backs of necks NAPES
Banded rock AGATE
Beatles song with an exclamation mark in its title HELP
Big Bird? LARRY
Big name in elevators OTIS
Biologist E. O. Wilson’s focus ANTS
Brand that comes in short sleeves RITZ
Broseph AMIGO
Cacophony CLANGOR
Champing at the bit EAGER
Chemist’s container FLASK
Chill HANG
Cocktail made with ginger beer MULE
Color of the Owl and Pussy-cat’s boat PUTTINGGREEN
Command to a dog SIT
Command-Z, on a Mac UNDO
Connecting words in logic ANDS
Consequently THUS
Demeter’s mother, in myth RHEA
Direct path BOTTOMLINE
Director Frank CAPRA
Disney+ competitor HULU
Doesn’t keep ROTS
Dole (out) METE
Dressage for a horseback rider? POLOSHIRT
Emotionally disinvest oneself LETGO
Excoriate SCATHE
Extremely mean NASTY
Fair part BOOTH
Falcon’s home AERIE
Fathers SIRES
Fictional Mr. or real Dr SPOCK
Firing offense? ARSON
Fish with a prehensile tail CHARLEYHORSE
Flits here and there GALLIVANTS
Food often served with gari (pickled ginger) SUSHI
Fool CON
Fragrant compound ESTER
Frustrating device in an arcade CLAW
Gets busy ACTS
Getting top marks on ACING
Give a heads-up ALERT
Go across SPAN
Go for a spin WHIRL
Harness part REIN
Host of the 1952 Winter Olympics OSLO
Hurting ACHY
Into pieces ASUNDER
Into pieces APART
Is really down on HATES
Isolated hill BUTTE
Keeps a watch on? TIMES
Kemper of ‘The Office’ ELLIE
Kind of milk OAT
Lachrymose TEARY
Last name of the Boxcar Children, in children’s literature ALDEN
Like some cheese … or some movies GRATED
Like some expectations UNMET
Looks good on BECOMES
Lot of land, say ACRE
Mad Hatter’s social event THIRDPARTY
Manhattan address abbr NYNY
Melon parts RINDS
Mild expletive HECK
Neighbors ABUTS
Nick of ’48 Hrs.’ NOLTE
Nobelist Desmond TUTU
Not suited (for) UNFIT
Once more ANEW
One of the Furies of Greek myth ALECTO
Online crafts market ETSY
Ordinary citizen PLEB
Overjoys ELATES
Panache FLAIR
Part of a giggle HEE
Perceptive, as an eye KEEN
Pioneer of the Minneapolis sound PRINCE
Poet Gorman who wrote ‘The Hill We Climb’ AMANDA
Popular flooring wood OAK
Principle TENET
Quaint contraction SHANT
Question to someone who looks impossibly young WHATSYOURSECRET
Quickly ATARUN
Rathskeller decoration STEIN
Really come down POUR
Resident of a Mideast sultanate OMANI
Revise AMEND
Sea plea SOS
See 53-Across TRUTH
Shenanigan ANTIC
Singer/songwriter Jones NORAH
Small bits of dough ONES
Something avoided during awkward situations INCONTACT
Space heater? STAR
Stave off AVERT
Suggest, with ‘of’ SMACK
Suns, e.g ORBS
Symbol of Middle America PEORIA
Symbols of wave functions PSIS
Syntactician’s drawing TREE
The yolk’s on them FRIEDEGGS
The ___ things in life FINER
Theater employee USHER
They’re shared between partners, one hopes VALUES
Thin thoroughfare LANE
Toothsome TASTY
Transitioning phrase ONTHATNOTE
Unusual object CURIO
Wild thing BEAST
Wimple wearer NUN
With 54-Across, commonly believed misconception FALSE
Wool-gatherer? MOTH
___ long-horned beetle ASIAN
___ Malcolm, Jeff Goldblum’s role in ‘Jurassic Park’ IAN
___ Mysteries (children’s series starting with ‘The Absent Author’) ATOZ

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