New York Times, Sunday, May 15, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
$100 bill, slangily BEN
___ Austin, Biden’s secretary of defense LLOYD
___ Jay Hawkins, rock pioneer who wrote “I Put a Spell on You” SCREAMIN
140, in old Rome CXL
1990s film with a famous wood chipper scene FARGO
A whole can of worms? BAIT
Abbr. on many streets in Quebec STE
Actress Barrymore, great-aunt of Drew ETHEL
Actress Long NIA
An awful state to live in SQUALOR
Animal in the genus Bos YAK
Art in the Television Hall of Fame CARNEY
At the top ELITE
Attempt to grasp, as a complicated situation UNPACK
B3, nutritionally NIACIN
Bad messages to send to the wrong person SEXTS
Bad review PAN
Bad stat for a QB: Abbr. INT
Being treated, in a way ONMEDS
Beverage with a “New England” variety IPA
Big ___ SUR
Bile IRE
Bit of writing on Twitter or Tinder BIO
Bon ___ (fashionable world) TON
Booked it RAN
Brand with a bull in its logo ELMERS
Brownish-yellow hue KHAKI
Captivate ENTHRALL
Car-pooling inits. HOV
Character seen on a keyboard SCHROEDER
Classic Camaro IROC
Colorful natural attraction along 114-Across PAINTEDDESERT
Component of a bridge truss ENDPOST
Component of lacquer thinner ACETONE
Cool HIP
Corpse ___ No. 2 (morning-after cocktail) REVIVER
Covid Data Tracker org. CDC
Critical warning CODERED
Cuisine that includes gochujang paste KOREAN
Decorates deceptively GILDS
Deprived NEEDY
Dislikes and then some DETESTS
Down-to-earth FOLKSY
Downton Abbey countess CORA
Ending with cash or front IER
Famed fountain of Rome TREVI
Following along INTOW
Fools are often seen at its start: Abbr. APR
Gear for gondoliers OARS
Georgia, e.g. NATION
German surname part VON
Go ahead and ask OKSHOOT
Golden rule preposition UNTO
Gone to press? PUSHED
Graffitied artistic attraction along 114-Across H CADILLACRANCH
Grant ___, northeast terminus of 114-Across PARK
Half step, in music SEMITONE
Hardly a team player? SOLOIST
High part of a deck ACE
Holy ___! SMOKES
Instruction for some Thanksgiving cooking BASTE
Jazz bassist Carter, who has appeared on more than 2,200 recordings RON
Kind of tape DEMO
Large rodents MARMOTS
Lead-in to “com” ROM
Legend ICON
Mamas’ mamas NANAS
Many a Hollywood worker AGENT
Means of electronic communication with restricted access INTRANET
Meet the ___ (baseball fight song) METS
Monogram in the 2016 presidential election HRC
More far out CRAZIER
Mower’s trail SWATH
Muscle-bone connector SINEW
My Name Is Asher ___ LEV
Natural conclusion? IST
Naval “Negative” NOSIR
New Deal power agcy. REA
Nickname for 114-Across coined by John Steinbeck THEMOTHERROAD
Not mainstream, for short ALT
Obsequious SERVILE
Offer one’s two cents OPINE
One of 50,460 in the Chunnel METRE
One of the Guccis PAOLO
One of two circling the earth TROPIC
One-named New Age musician YANNI
Opposite of a breeze ORDEAL
Paid penance ATONED
Partner of only ONE
Pastis flavorer ANISE
Peaceful, informally ZEN
Peridot, for one GEM
Pertaining to any of five Italian popes SISTINE
Phrase one might yell at the screen during a horror film DONTDOIT
Posed for a portrait : SAT SAT
Positive results of some strikes GOALS
Puts away STASHES
Roux ingredient? SILENTX
Santa Monica ___, southwest terminus of 114-Across PIER
Self images? XRAYS
Sierra ___ MADRE
Singer O’Day ANITA
Site of a U.C. in the O.C. IRVINE
Skip or drop OMIT
Small rodent GERBIL
Smart, say HURT
Some co. name endings INCS
Some mil. officers LTS
Some scores in horseshoes LEANERS
Spanish : -ando or -iendo :: English : ___ ING
Speed skater Kramer with nine Olympic medals SVEN
Stevenson of 1950s politics ADLAI
Stir in ADD
String or integer, in programming DATATYPE
Suffragist and abolitionist Abby ___ Alcott MAY
Summers in la cité ETES
Sun deck? TAROT
Tall, curved attraction along 114-Across GATEWAYARCH
Tap-in, e.g. PUTT
That’s my cue! IMON
The Panthers of the N.C.A.A., familiarly PITT
Theme of this puzzle, which winds its way nearly 2,500 miles through all the shaded squares herein ROUTESIXTYSIX
They may be ridden to victory COATTAILS
Things sometimes named after presidents ERAS
To be, in France ETRE
Trafficker trackers, for short DEA
Trece menos doce UNO
TV 6-year-old who attends Little Dipper School ELROY
Twitch user, perhaps STREAMER
Underwriting? CAPTION
Verb in Poe’s “The Raven” QUOTH
What malarkey! PSHAW
What roots are, to powers INVERSE
Wishy-washy response DEPENDS
Word with a wave in Oaxaca HOLA
You usually do this lying down by yourself BATHE

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