New York Times, Sunday, May 29, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
[Outta my way, slowpoke!] BEEP
___ Offroad Fury (2000s video game series) ATV
___ on over (go somewhere, in slang) BOP
___ the Kid, rhyming N.H.L. nickname SID
About 200 feet, for a Boeing 777 SPAN
Accessory in which this puzzle’s subject stashed important documents STOVEPIPEHAT
Aches (for) YENS
Actress Green of “Casino Royale” EVA
Another epithet for this puzzle’s subject GREATEMANCIPATOR
Anthony or Joe who directed “Avengers: Endgame” RUSSO
Apparel in many a Degas painting TUTU
Arched body part BROW
Artist Vincent van __ GOGH
Barely get wet? SKINNYDIP
Beachside locale CABANA
Big moneymaker CASHCOW
Bikini’s place PACIFIC
Bit of “deets” SPEC
Biting remarks? OWS
Buy low, sell high outcome GAIN
Cable news anchor Cabrera ANA
Campaign nickname that reflected the rustic upbringing of this puzzle’s subject RAILSPLITTER
Choose TAP
Classic Pontiac GTO
Composer Zimmer HANS
Court figure, informally REF
Cousin of a bittern EGRET
Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. ___ CHU
Cry from one being tickled, maybe STOP
Dead lines? ELEGY
Diner order MELT
Drink (up) LAP
Earful in an elevator MUZAK
Eponymous physicist Mach ERNST
Extendable recording device BOOMMIC
Fastball stat MPH
Feature first recommended to this puzzle’s subject by an 11-year-old girl BEARD
Get the ___ NOD
Goat’s milk cheese CHEVRE
Govt. aid for a mom-and-pop store SBALOAN
Greetings sent with a click ECARDS
Habitual drinker SOT
Hades’ collection SOULS
Have ___ (be able to jump high, in slang) HOPS
He played Ferris Bueller’s droning economics teacher BENSTEIN
Held on to KEPT
Home to about 75% of the world’s tornadoes USA
I.S.P. alternative to 32-Down : AOL
I.S.P. alternative to 84-Down MSN
Is ___ (probably will) APTTO
Island whose capital and largest city is Iraklion CRETE
Italicize or underline STRESS
It’s all about me EGOTISM
It’s in, then it’s out FAD
IV site, for short ICU
Kind of spider commonly found near train tracks HOBO
Landmark dedicated on 5/30/1922 LINCOLNMEMORIAL
Lead-in to historic PRE
Locales in a winery tour, perhaps CELLARS
Loving turndown NODEAR
Maker of the Q7 and Q8 AUDI
Makeup set? ATOMS
McCartney of fashion STELLA
More than unpleasant HARSH
N.H.L. great Bobby ORR
Nailed ACED
Nickname for this puzzle’s subject HONESTABE
Norma ___ RAE
One chased by un perro GATO
One epithet for this puzzle’s subject SAVIOROFTHEUNION
One making a racket? CONMAN
One-eyed giant? HURRICANE
Ongoing quarrel FEUD
Order of doughnuts DOZEN
Otolaryngologist, for short ENT
Part of a big media campaign TVAD
Partner of aid ABET
Pay-___-click (advertising model) PER
PDF alternative DOC
Perfumed pouches SACHETS
Pieces included with Ikea furniture DOWELS
Piercing-free bijouterie EARCLIPS
Pining away LOVESICK
Place for an ace SKY
Premium flight amenity INTERNET
Ray of McDonald’s fame KROC
Raymond ___, Best Actor nominee for portraying this puzzle’s subject (1940) MASSEY
Rivendell resident, in “The Lord of the Rings” ELF
Rocker Bob SEGER
Rough and uneven CRAGGY
Runs well HUMS
Sanskrit for “great soul” MAHATMA
Say outright AVOW
See 21-Across OFFREEDOM
Sent a letter WROTETO
Situated SET
Skiing star Lindsey VONN
Slacks, say, in slang TROU
Snug-fitting underwear BRIEFS
Some arcade machine mechanisms CLAWS
Some Asian cuisine THAI
Some titles with tildes SENORS
Something easily snapped TWIG
Spooky sounds MOANS
Stretches LENGTHS
Stuffed pockets PITAS
Subject of the seven-letter mnemonic PALE GAS SINS
Suitcase BAG
Symbols of rebirth in ancient Egypt SCARABS
Tab inits. LSD
Takes part in a pilot program? AVIATES
They watch what you eat, for short FDA
This really blows GALE
Tiara go-with SASH
Title role in a Monteverdi opera ORFEO
Trattoria staple OREGANO
Ulysses S. Grant, e.g. WARHERO
Unlikely winners in Fortnite, say NOOBS
Utility bill unit THERM
Utmost NTH
When repeated, cheer accessory POM
Win at life GOFAR
Wish to take back RUE
With 23-Across, what this puzzle’s subject promised in his most famous address ANEWBIRTH
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
Writer Georges whose 300-page novel “A Void” completely avoided the letter E PEREC
You with me? AGREE
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, e.g. SCAT

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