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New York Times, Sunday, November 15, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Big Little Lies’ co-star of Witherspoon and Kidman DERN
‘Don’t worry about it’ THATSOKAY
‘Don’t you trust me?’ WOULDILIE
‘SmackDown’ org WWE
‘Surely you don’t think it could be me?!’ MOI
‘That smarts!’ YOW
‘The ___ Locker,’ 2009 Best Picture winner HURT
‘___ words were never spoken’ TRUER
1989 Tom Hanks black comedy, with ‘The’ BURBS
Abbr. on a cornerstone ESTD
Act of omission … or of a commission OVERSIGHT
Acts like money grows on trees SPENDS
Added water to, as a sauce THINNED
Alternative to tarot cards TEALEAVES
Ambitious DRIVEN
Andre who won the 1994 and 1999 U.S. Opens AGASSI
Arthurian isle AVALON
Aspiring D.A.’s exam LSAT
Attire GARB
Bank, at times LIENOR
Barely afloat? SKINNYDIPPING
Beach ball? LUAU
Beach lotion abbr SPF
Bird feeder bit SEED
Boring things AUGERS
Branch of the U.N. in 2020 news WHO
Brand of breath spray BINACA
Bring down LOWER
Brown or blacken SEAR
Buzz in the morning ALARM
Central INNER
Command, as influence WIELD
Curses DAMNS
De-e-eluxe PRIMO
Decay, as wood ROTOUT
Declare AVER
Discourage DETER
Do a veterinarian’s job on SPAY
Easy target SAP
Email status READ
Family secret, perhaps RECIPE
Fashion expert Gunn TIM
Filmmaker Gerwig GRETA
First attempt FORAY
First name in jazz ETTA
Food connoisseur GOURMET
Four for a 4×400, say RELAYTEAM
Frozen dessert SHERBET
Garrulous CHATTY
Goes out on a limb CHANCESIT
Golfer Jordan who won the 2015 U.S. Open SPIETH
Hayek of Hollywood SALMA
He made a pact with the Devil FAUST
He was told to ‘take a sad song and make it better’ JUDE
Heat of the moment? WARMSPELL
Hera’s Roman counterpart JUNO
Hill worker ANT
Hole in the ground PIT
Hole-making tools AWLS
Hybrid bottoms SKORTS
In key TUNED
In lock step (with) SYNCED
Info on an invitation WHEN
It’s sedimentary, my dear SILT
Keto adherent, e.g DIETER
Like a pearl-clutcher PRIM
Line delivered in costume TRICKORTREAT
Mail lady on ‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse’ REBA
Make more pleasant SUGARCOAT
Makes blue, say DYES
Many a dare, in hindsight TERRIBLEIDEA
Math measurement AREA
Mom jeans have a high one WAIST
Mudbug, by another name CRAWDAD
Occasion to stay up late SLUMBERPARTY
Olympic figure skater Johnny WEIR
One of three for ‘Mississippi’ SHORTI
Opportunity to hit ATBAT
Part of a high chair TRAY
Piano keys IVORIES
Pick a card, any card DRAW
Picturesque time for a walk SUNSET
Piece of the pie SHARE
Pint-size and then some TEENSYWEENSY
Place you may go just for kicks? SHOESTORE
Pluto, e.g GOD
Poses ASKS
Potter of children’s literature BEATRIX
Prepare to deplane UNBELT
Pro ___ RATA
Proverbial tortoise or hare, e.g RACER
Quick studies NATURALS
Quickly go from success to failure CRATER
Rare color? RED
Republican politico Reince PRIEBUS
Result of eating the poisoned apple in ‘Snow White’ SLEEP
Round number? BARTAB
Sacrament of holy matrimony and others RITES
Scaredy-cat WIMP
Seasonal song with lyrics in Latin ADESTEFIDELES
Seemingly forever AGES
Shaded HUED
Small bird with complex songs WREN
Soda factory worker BOTTLER
Some movie extras DELETEDSCENES
Some surfing destinations WEBSITES
Source of a trendy health juice ALOE
Split RIP
Spot seller, in brief ADREP
Tapered hairstyle FADE
Tennis do-over LET
Texter’s ‘I can’t believe this’ SMH
They’re on the case, in slang TECS
Throughway, e.g ARTERY
Tool for a difficult crossword, say ERASER
Upper limit MAX
Voice, as grievances AIR
Went over the limit, say SPED
What skies do before a storm DARKEN
Where to find the radius ARM
Worrisome beach sighting FIN
You are here PLANETEARTH
___ a clue (was lost) HADNT
___ breve (cut time) ALLA
___ card ATM
___ Lipa, Grammy-winning pop artist DUA
___ mortal MERE