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New York Times, Sunday, October 10, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
[more info below] SEENOTE
___ All That (1999 film) SHES
___ compensation (subject of modern debate) CEO
___ es! (“That’s right!”: Sp.) ESO
___ for me, thanks NONE
___ Lawrence College SARAH
___ Toy Barn (“Toy Story 2” locale) ALS
___ you decent? ARE
1930s migrant to California OKIE
4x World Series winner Martinez TINO
A Man for All Seasons BINGEWATCHER
A mouse! EEK
Accept eagerly, with “at” LEAP
Ancient work that describes the sacred tree Yggdrasil EDDA
Arch support INSOLE
Baseball family name much seen in crosswords ALOU
Beam for train tracks IRAIL
Beyonce chart-topper “Single ___ (Put a Ring on It)” LADIES
Big no-nos TABOOS
Bill killers VETOES
Breakout band for Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, familiarly ONED
Candy with the slogan “Not sorry” REESES
Caramel or hot fudge, basically GOO
Cardinal’s hat, in Britain MITRE
Cause for switching positions JOBOFFER
City that replaced Lagos as Nigeria’s capital ABUJA
Civil rights activist Baker ELLA
Clueless protagonist CHER
Confucian philosophy TAO
Cross my heart! ISWEARIT
Cutthroat mentality : NOMERCY NOMERCY
Denominator in the velocity formula TIME
Describe in a negative way TAR
Diatribe RANT
Donkey with a pinned-on tail EEYORE
Dostoyevsky’s Prince Myshkin, so the book title declares IDIOT
Double-crossed and half-baked IDIOMS
Drawer of shorts, e.g. ANIMATOR
Embarrassing public episode SCENE
Euphemistic exclamation HECK
Exasperated parent’s retort SAYSME
Fam girl SIS
Fictional brand of rocket-powered roller skates ACME
Fish with an elongated jaw GAR
Floating terror of the sea MANOWAR
Flue-like ASHY
Fragrant ring LEI
French fabric TOILE
Frequently, quaintly OFT
Fumble for words HAW
Gave, as gossip TOLDTO
Gene variant ALLELE
Get ready for vacation PACK
Get the juices flowing? BASTE
Given that ASSUCH
Golden rule word UNTO
Guys and Dolls GIJOES
Hershey’s chocolate-and-toffee bar SKOR
Ice cream containers TUBS
Ike’s domain in W.W. II ETO
Increased into something much more valuable PARLAYED
Ingredient in a McDonald’s McFlurry OREO
Ingredient in healing gel ALOE
Insurance department CLAIMS
It may be forgiven LOAN
Jerkface MEANIE
Latte art medium FOAM
Letters From Iwo Jima KANJI
Like a birthday cake, pre-party UNLIT
Lucrative and undemanding CUSHY
Lugosi of horror films BELA
Luxurious SWANK
Mad magazine cartoonist Drucker MORT
Magazine co-founded in 1945 by Hélène Gordon Lazareff ELLE
Main artery AORTA
Many social media users SHARERS
Matricidal figure of Greek myth ORESTES
Melodious ARIOSE
Mystic’s board OUIJA
Natasha ___, Boris’s partner against Rocky and Bullwinkle FATALE
Noun-making suffix NESS
Olympics symbol for Madrid’s country ESP
Org. with an annual Codebreaker Challenge NSA
Panic button, of a sort ESC
Parrot’s sound AWK
Part of a makeup test? EYESHADOW
Perfectly comfortable ATHOME
Pet that should come with a lint roller? LAPCAT
Place to develop one’s chops DOJO
Pop in the fridge SODA
Predatory insect living in woodpiles ANTBEETLE
Product for one who wonders “Am I expecting?” EPT
Quaint sign word OLDE
Reason the physicist stayed in bed? INERTIA
Restless desire ITCH
Sang along when you forgot the words HUMMED
Scent of a Woman CHANELNOFIVE
Seasonal winds MONSOONS
Sesh on Reddit AMA
Similar-sounding phrase, such as “I scream” for “ice cream” ORONYM
Simile center ASA
Singer Rita ORA
Singer Sumac YMA
Skosh TAD
Small things that you pluck UKULELES
Some tourist spots in San Francisco PIERS
Some water park rides FLUMES
Sounds of doubt EHS
Spanish “Listen!” OYE
Spanish marinade ADOBO
Speed reader? RADAR
Spirits MORALE
Spy novelist Deighton LEN
Successfully uses a password LOGSIN
Syllables when you forget the words LAS
Tax pro, for short CPA
Tender areas SORES
Texting tech, briefly SMS
The Fifth Element BORON
The Imitation Game SIMONSAYS
The Kiss painter KLIMT
The Shape of Water director DELTORO
The universe has an estimated 1082 of them ATOMS
Tightly affixed GLUED
Toke HIT
Trendy home gym purchase PELOTON
Trimmed parts of green beans ENDS
Two in a million? ELS
Utopian EDENIC
Wayne’s World GOTHAM
Weave off the shoulder? PIGTAIL
Woodworker’s tool PANELSAW