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New York Times, Sunday, October 11, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
’60s sitcom family MUNSTERS
‘May God bless and keep the ___ … far away from us!’ (line from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’) REENGAGE
‘Science Guy’ Bill NYE
‘The government has discovered aliens but isn’t telling us,’ e.g CONSPIRACYTHEORY
‘You rang?’ YES
‘___ Brando: Larger Than Life’ (1994 biography) MARLON
2010 sci-fi film subtitled ‘Legacy’ TRON
Absolutely dazzling AWEINSPIRING
Acronym for a North American quintet HOMES
Acting mindlessly ONAUTO
Activist Hoffman ABBIE
Activist ___ Alamuddin Clooney AMAL
Actress Ward SELA
Aerial maneuver LOOP
Applications USES
Book that’s rarely read cover-to-cover MANUAL
Brand of allergy spray NILE
Brian who co-founded Roxy Music ENO
British pop singer Lily ALLEN
Calming retreat SPA
Castle in ‘Hamlet’ EDGIER
Catering container URN
Cathedral recess OXIDES
Cause of joint pain GOUT
Cleverness WIT
Color for the right eye of a pair of 3-D glasses CYAN
Computer image format BITMAP
Cornmeal bread PONE
Country singer Price MARGO
Dedicatee of the 1980 song ‘Woman’ ONO
Doesn’t sit right? SLOUCHES
Dog in classic films ASTA
Examples of attention to detail DOTTEDIS
Extends ALIKE
First-year law student ONEL
Flowing forth EMANANT
Food writer/TV personality ___ Drummond RENEWS
French for ‘cup’ TASSE
FĂștbol cheer OLE
Genre pioneered in 1950s-’60s Jamaica VOA
German granny FLONASE
Gingerbread man, often ORNAMENT
Glittery glue-ons SPANGLES
Goes out for a bit? NAPS
Gospel singer Jackson MAHALIA
Got rid of AXED
Graceful spins PIROUETTES
Grumpy co-worker DOC
Hesitating sound HAW
His resignation triggered the first invocation of the 25th Amendment SPIROAGNEW
In the Caribbean it’s known as ‘the chicken of the trees’ IGUANA
Informal assents YEPS
Intertwine ENLACE
Introductory course? SOUP
It requires no oxygen for growth ANAEROBE
It was known by the Algonquin as the ‘Father of Waters’ SKA
Kiddy litter? TOY
Life form BEING
Lift weights PUMPIRON
Like slippers versus dress shoes COMFIER
Like some batteries and parties DEAD
Like some flights INBOUND
Lime and rust EWE
Locale of Kings County and Queens County, fittingly EMPIRESTATE
Lost cause GONER
Low-dose pain reliever BABYASPIRIN
Maa, in 1995’s ‘Babe’ SSR
Mass recitation AGNUSDEI
Mature AGE
Means of breathing RESPIRATORYSYSTEM
Milk dispensers TEATS
Milky gems OPALS
Mimics APES
Mission-driven org NASA
Missouri site of the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival SEDALIA
More N.S.F.W., maybe LEWDER
More out there TSAR
More up to it ABLER
Mrs. Addams, to Gomez TISH
Muscly BUILT
Nocturnal bloodsucker VAMPIREBAT
Noodles often eaten cold in the summer SOBA
Not merely cut STYLE
Old country music channel TNN
Only bird with calf muscles EMU
Only player with three 60+ home run seasons SOSA
Opposite of wide: Abbr NAR
Pains in the neck PESTS
Pants with baggy legs CULOTTES
Peacockish VAIN
Port on the Loire NANTES
Power issue SURGE
Power of a square TWO
Present from birth INNATE
Relatively new relative, maybe INLAW
Rest of the afternoon? SIESTA
Right, as a wrong AVENGE
Sapa ___ (title for Atahualpa) INCA
Sch. for Bulldogs UGA
Shades TINTS
Slant skyward UPTILT
Small songbird TIT
Snippy, in a way TERSE
South American mammals with trunks TAPIRS
Spanish article UNA
Spanish gold ORO
Spare part? PIN
Specialty AREA
Square things ATONE
Start up again REIGNITE
Steeple feature SPIRE
Stuff SATE
Stumper question POSER
Subject of 199 silkscreen paintings by Warhol MAO
Symbol meaning ‘still typing’ ELLIPSIS
Talking back SASSING
The continents, e.g SEPTET
Triangular flags PENNANTS
Trouble WOE
Tugboat sound TOOT
U.S. overseas broadcaster ERG
Unit of work REE
Universal donor’s blood type, for short ONEG
Unremarkable USUAL
Valorous BRAVE
Vodka or gin SPIRIT
Wacky LOCO
Went like the dickens TORE
What ‘X’ marks on a treasure map PIRATESBOOTY
Wheel cover HUBCAP
When doubled, 1934 Cole Porter comedy short PAREE
Where the infant Moses was found APSE
Wood for violin-making SPRUCE
Yearbook award word MOST