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New York Times, Sunday, October 3, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
___ garden ZEN
Actress Amanda of 2012’s “Les Misérables” SEYFRIED
Actress Ana of “Love, Victor” ORTIZ
Alternative to Advil or Aleve MOTRIN
Ambrose Bierce defined it as “A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue” PATIENCE
Aphids, to ladybugs PREY
Art of verse POESY
Basic skateboard trick OLLIE
Beyond cold GELID
Big name in car parts AUTOZONE
Big Ten powerhouse, for short OSU
Birthplace of the Franciscan order ASSISI
Bistro sign word CHEZ
Bit of tomfoolery ANTIC
Brand of pretzels and chips UTZ
Break away SECEDE
Buckskin, e.g. DEERHIDE
C’est magnifique! OOHLALA
Center of L.A., once SHAQ
Chain that sells chains ZALES
China’s Chou En-___ LAI
Collect little by little GLEAN
Comedian Fields TOTIE
Conflagration BLAZE
Cote d’___ AZUR
Counterfeit ERSATZ
Country music’s ___ Brown Band ZAC
Diamond who went platinum NEIL
Electric ___ EEL
Eleven, en français ONZE
Endeavor TRY
Exploits USES
Eye shade HAZEL
Far-right state MAINE
Fashion designer Lange LIZ
Final creature encountered in “Dr. Seuss’s ABC” ZIZZERZAZZERZUZZ
Fixed, as tiling RELAID
Football sideline reporter Kolber SUZY
Footnote abbr. OPCIT
Former queen of Jordan NOOR
Former telecom giant that merged into Verizon GTE
Francis’ tenure, e.g. PAPACY
Frenzy MANIA
Generational divide AGEGAP
Get closer and closer ZEROIN
Go after SUE
Goes wherever the wind blows? SAILS
Grandma, to Brits NAN
Harriet’s partner on 1950s-’60s TV OZZIE
Has over HOSTS
Having some pep ZINGY
How to ___ a ___ (popular Google search) TIE
Icelandic work that influenced Tolkien EDDA
In a bad way ILL
Inaptly named bear of a tongue twister FUZZYWUZZY
Jeepers! YIPE
Jeepers! EGADS
Jurisdiction of a Catholic church official DEANERY
Key for getting out, not in ESC
Key with five sharps: Abbr. BMAJ
Kicked back LAZED
Kilt-wearing Greek infantryman EVZONE
Kind of ray MANTA
Kvetches CARPS
Letter-shaped construction piece HBEAM
Levels RAZES
Like May through August, unlike the other months of the year RLESS
Like varnished wood RESINY
Literary traveler to Lilliput and Brobdingnag GULLIVER
Little black ___ DRESS
Lively, on a score ANIMATO
Many a collaboration between Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald JAZZDUET
Mapmaker’s subj. GEOG
Member in the genus Troglodytes, so named for its tendency to enter dark crevices WREN
Members of bevies and broods BIRDS
Mercedes-___ BENZ
Mine: Fr. AMOI
Multitude SCAD
National tree of the U.S. OAK
Nervous state TIZZY
Nickname for Isabelle or Isidore IZZY
Nintendo princess ZELDA
No-nonsense TV judge JUDY
Northern California town once home to the palindromic ___ Bakery YREKA
Old fogy GEEZER
One of the Gabor sisters EVA
One of the Nereids of Greek myth IONE
Opportunities to win a vacation on “Wheel of Fortune” PRIZEPUZZLES
Opposite of flatness FIZZ
Order of roses DOZEN
Ostentatious display RAZZLEDAZZLE
Pac-Man navigates through one MAZE
Pan-fries SAUTES
Paradise lost EDEN
Partner of glamour GLITZ
Parts of snowmobiles SKIS
Paul Simon’s “___ Rock” IAMA
Person who likes all your FB posts, perhaps BFF
Pointy-eared dog SPITZ
Popeye creator Segar ELZIE
Pound and others EZRAS
Pre-euro currency PESETA
Pretty please? CANI
Quick nap … or a playful description of the 64-Down here FORTYWINKS
Quiet valley GLEN
Radiation unit REM
Rattles FAZES
Rattlesnake’s warning SSS
Reason to hang up NOANSWER
Scatterbrains DITZES
Sci-fi travelers ETS
Scottish denial NAE
Seven: Prefix HEPTA
Singer Lisa LOEB
Six-Day War leader Weizman EZER
Sleep indicators ZEES
Something stretched out in a yoga class MAT
Spanish composer Isaac ALBENIZ
Spanish rice ARROZ
Spike the Beanie Baby, e.g. RHINO
Sportscaster Jim with the classic opening “Hello, friends” NANTZ
Stocking stuffer TOY
Stupor DAZE
Sufficient, informally ENUF
The White Lotus airer HBO
They’re taken out in alleys PINS
Tie the knot MARRY
Took off FLED
Totally over it all JADED
Transfixed AGAZE
Tree that Athena gifted to Athens OLIVE
Uniform adornment EPAULET
Unsightly spot ZIT
Victoria Falls river ZAMBEZI
View from Lake Como ALP
Violated a code of silence SANG
Western film, in old slang OATER
What “piano” can mean SOFT
What B. B. King was king of BLUES
When repeated, one of the Gabor sisters ZSA
Which Disney Princess Are You? and the like BUZZFEEDQUIZZES
Winter weather hazard FREEZINGDRIZZLE
Woman’s name meaning “night” in Hebrew and Arabic LEILA
Wood-shaping tool ADZ
Worshiper of the rain god Tlaloc AZTEC