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New York Times, Sunday, October 4, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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‘Expect ___’ (road sign) DELAYS
‘My turn’ IMNEXT
‘Nah’ UHUH
‘Never interrupt your ___ when he’s making a mistake’ (old aphorism) ENEMY
‘Who wants this?’ response IDO
‘You ain’t lyin’!’ TRUEDAT
2020 U.S. Open tennis champ Naomi OSAKA
A ball and a strike, in a baseball count ONEONE
Adele’s ‘Million Years ___’ AGO
All over hell’s half ___ (everywhere) ACRE
All ___ THAT
App with a Reservations feature YELP
Apt anagram of MY CAR CAMRY
Architect Frank GEHRY
Aspen or Alta SKIAREA
Author Janowitz of literature’s ‘brat pack’ TAMA
Big name in nonprofit journalism APNEWS
Big seller of animal supplies PETCO
Blubbers BOOHOOS
Book before Amos JOEL
Brush off REBUFF
Circus venue BIGTOP
Clicking sound? AHA
Code edited by a webmaster HTML
Cold treat ICEE
Creatures that can have asymmetrical ears, which aid in hunting OWLS
Crowd noise ROAR
Cutesy sound accompanying a poke BOOP
Declined SAIDNO
Destitution PENURY
Diagram of relationships TREE
División de la casa SALA
Drive (away) SHOO
Eagerly excited AGOG
Earliest-known Chinese dynasty (dating back to 2000 B.C.) HSIA
El ___ (weather phenomena) NINOS
Electrically balanced, in chemistry APOLAR
Eyes: Sp OJOS
Feature of a batter that needs more whisking LUMP
Fisherman’s ___ (San Francisco attraction) WHARF
Fishing basket CREEL
Four-star figures ADMIRALS
Friendship AMITY
Georgia’s capital, informally ATOWN
Give up FORGO
Go up against TAKEON
Good-looking guy? MARKSMAN
Greeting when running into someone unexpectedly OHHI
Home to Antilia, the world’s most valuable private residence (27 floors, $2.2 billion) MUMBAI
How some like their café AULAIT
How some like their coffee STRONG
Ice cream purchase TUB
It’s against the rule ANARCHY
It’s not a lot to jot NOTE
Italian painter known for his frescoes GIOTTO
Itching to eat and irritable about it, in slang HANGRY
Item on a president’s lapel FLAG
Jason who played Khal Drogo on ‘Game of Thrones’ MOMOA
Kind of clef ALTO
Kings and queens, maybe TWOPAIR
L.G.B.T.-aligned advocacy group since 1987 ACTUP
Large chunk of one’s final grade, often EXAMS
Laughing matter? GAS
Lead-in to potty PORTA
Like 0.5-millimeter lead, among popular mechanical pencil options THINNEST
Like sponge cakes AIRY
Lone Star State sch SMU
Makeover result, maybe NEWDO
Man’s nickname that omits the ‘is’ at the end LEW
Many end in ‘-ite’ ORES
Marvel at ADMIRE
Medic DOC
Middle of a certain three-in-a-row TAC
Move like a peacock STRUT
Native speakers of Chiwere OTOE
Newspaper articles and mentions on social media, in brief FREEPR
Newswoman Sawyer DIANE
Occasion to get all gussied up HOTDATE
One of two on the Titanic MAST
Organism that structurally resembles another organism ISOMORPH
Pain relief brand ANACIN
Palindromic rulers SHAHS
Parts of Twitter profiles BIOS
Physician who co-founded A.A., familiarly DRBOB
Pinot ___ GRIS
Placing a call DIALING
Pool chalk target CUETIP
Ruin, as plans DERAIL
Sandwiches on pita bread GYROS
Sci-fi classic featuring the Three Laws IROBOT
Social climate ETHOS
Some froyo bar toppings OREOS
Something to do with your buds? TASTE
Spring hrs. in Colorado Springs MDT
Stroke of good fortune GODSEND
Sui generis UNIQUE
Taylor Swift’s first #1 country hit, 2007 OURSONG
Texas county on the Mexican border STARR
The ‘B’ in GB BYTES
The dove’s-foot crane’s-bill, for instance FLOWER
The Reds, on scoreboards CIN
Things stuck in clogs TOES
Third of seven columns: Abbr TUE
To a bad free throw shooter: ‘You’re …’ MISSINGTHEPOINT
To a cosmetician: ‘You’re …’ MAKINGMEBLUSH
To a produce vendor near closing time: ‘You’re …’ OUTOFYOURGOURD
To a rude driver: ‘You’re …’ DARNTOOTIN
To a temp worker: ‘You’re …’ INFORITNOW
To anyone who wasn’t addressed above: ‘You’re …’ SOMETHINGELSE
Toy rocker, in tot-speak HORSY
Traipse (about) GAD
Utter nonsense BLARNEY
Valerie Plame’s org. in 2003’s Plame affair CIA
Vegan latte option OATMILK
Villain in 1998’s ‘Mulan’ SHANYU
Warranting an ‘X,’ say ADULT
What might be ‘love’ or ‘lesbian’ in a TV show title LWORD
What the Old English called ‘Winterfylleth’ OCTOBER
With 98-Across, to an aspiring entrepreneur: ‘You’re …’ ONLYASGOODASTHE
With adroitness ABLY
Wong of stand-up comedy ALI
Word stylized with extra R’s on some cereal boxes GREAT
Wrath IRE
[Leave it] STET
___ Brava, Spain COSTA
___ hair BYA
___ in kangaroo KAS
___ polloi HOI
___ Tzu (dog breed) SHIH