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New York Times, Sunday, September 6, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Big Sur’ novelist, 1962 KEROUAC
‘Elements of Algebra’ author, 1770 EULER
‘Fantasy’ Grammy winner ONO
‘How sad!’ ALAS
‘Judge ___’ (1995 Stallone movie) DREDD
‘More of the ___’ (1967 #1 album) MONKEES
‘Sure, I guess …’ WELLOK
‘The Simpsons’ grandpa ABE
‘The way things are currently going …’ ASIS
‘Va ___’ (Italian ‘All right’) BENE
‘___ doctor, but …’ IMNO
‘___ to My Socks,’ Pablo Neruda poem ODE
‘___ your call’ ITS
‘___, all ye faithful’ OCOME
A suggestion RTE
Accept as charged COPTO
Actor who won a 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom DENIRO
Additionally TOBOOT
American fashion designer who once served as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent TOMFORD
Author born Truman Streckfus Persons CAPOTE
Bailiwicks AREAS
Ballet attire LEOTARD
Bring to bear EXERT
Buying binges SPREES
Chief Chirpa and others, in sci-fi EWOKS
Christmas tree hanging CANE
Churchill’s trademark gesture VSIGN
Classic fruity sodas NEHIS
Colloquial contraction AINT
Condo, e.g UNIT
Contemptible sort LOUSE
Cool, in old slang HEP
Count in music BASIE
Dealers do this LIE
Deletes, with ‘out’ XES
Dutch requirements ROPES
Equity valuation stat PERATIO
Evan : Welsh :: ___ : Scottish IAN
Family nickname SIS
Film director Jon CHU
First lady of the 1950s MAMIE
George Carlin was its first host, for short SNL
Gets one over on BOGEYS
Golfer Ernie ELS
Good person to believe in ONESELF
Grammy-winning country singer Black CLINT
Great two-pair poker hand ACESUP
Greek H’s ETAS
Haberdasher’s clasp TIEBAR
Have an in-tents experience? CAMP
Having the means ABLE
Humble ABASE
Hunter of myth ORION
Hurt AIL
It ended on Nov. 11, 1918 WWI
Japanese comics style MANGA
Jazz composer with an Egyptian-inspired name SUNRA
Jazz’s James ETTA
Junkyard warning, maybe SNARL
Just between us? OUR
Kaffiyeh wearer ARAB
Kind of pear that resembles an apple ASIAN
Kind of salami GENOA
Kind words PRAISE
Labor Day baby, e.g VIRGO
Larsson who wrote ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ STIEG
Laundry soap since 1908 RINSO
Lead singer of rock’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs (who uses just the initial of her last name) KARENO
Leafy crown material LAUREL
Like puppeteers, usually UNSEEN
Like some gas: Abbr REG
Liquor levy, e.g SINTAX
Loaded (with) RIFE
Logical start? ECO
Many apartments in old warehouse districts LOFTS
Mark ___, winner of the 1998 Masters OMEARA
Maven WIZ
Mixed together MINGLED
Muscle problem SPASM
Muscular BUILT
N.Y.C.’s first subway line IRT
Not interfere with LETBE
Not much at all ATRIFLE
Occupied, with ‘in’ DWELT
Of the ankle TARSAL
Once called NEE
One of Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ IRINA
Painter José María ___ SERT
Part of a backpack STRAP
Picked from a lineup, informally IDED
Pig in a poke or pigeon drop CONGAME
Pins are placed at the end of them LANES
Play back? REVIVAL
Prone to fidgeting ANTSY
Proverbs OLDSAWS
Provoke INCITE
Pyramids, often TOMBS
QB’s pass: Abbr ATT
Rapper with the 2003 hit ‘I Can’ NAS
Relating to egg cells OVULAR
Result, maybe, in brief RBI
Rust and quartz OXIDES
Sci-fi film with vehicles called ‘light cycles’ TRON
Shape formed by an extended thumb and index fingers ELL
She gained fame from her leading role in ‘Fame’ IRENECARA
Six-line verse SESTET
Some 1990s Toyotas PASEOS
Some E.M.T. cases ODS
Something to bookmark URL
Spanish resort island IBIZA
State capital on the Colorado River AUSTIN
Stops up DAMS
Stunned, in a way TASED
Subject of Newton’s first law of motion INERTIA
Surgical inserts STENTS
Surreptitious SLY
Swell up BLOAT
Switz. neighbor GER
Tiny bit of work ERG
Toothy smile GRIN
Tower over the field SILO
Trait of a clingy romantic partner NEEDINESS
U preceder VEE
Vodka brand, informally STOLI
Walk heavily TRAMP
Wastes away ROTS
Weepy 1954 Patti Page hit ICRIED
Wilson of ‘Meet the Parents’ OWEN
Wolflike LUPINE
World capital whose name comes from the Greek for ‘wisdom’ SOFIA
Writer Tarbell who took on Standard Oil IDA
You, to Yves TOI
___ and curl (salon treatment) PRESS
___ Lofgren, guitarist for the E Street Band NILS
___ pro nobis ORA