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New York Times, Thursday, April 23, 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘!!!!’ OMG
‘Crisis averted!’ CLOSEONE
‘Holy cannoli!’ YEGODS
‘I goofed’ MYBAD
‘Madam Secretary’ star TEALEONI
‘Parsifal’ composer WAGNER
‘Well, obviously!’ DUH
‘___ whiz!’ GEE
Abatement EBB
Acclaimed TV show concerning a science teacher-turned-drug dealer BAKINGBREAD
Account TALE
Address part DOMAIN
Barely best EDGEOUT
Brought into existence CATERED
Changes made to the answers to 16-, 24-, 33- and 47-Across, whether interpreted as one word or two? RELOCATIONS
Chunk of concrete SLAB
Collection by Horace ODES
Cute mistake OOPSIE
Daniels who directed ‘The Butler’ LEE
Dear one? ABBY
Emmy- and Tony-nominated actress Mireille ENOS
Final figure NET
Financially behind INTHREED
FĂștbol stadium cry OLE
Gesture from a coach not to swing at the next pitch TAKESIGN
Give life to ANIMATE
Google ___ MAPS
Got in the way of IMPEDED
Hang around LOITER
Hardly a rosy picture NOIR
Having a tart, citrusy flavor LEMONY
Hints at IMPLIES
In stitches SEWN
In the neighborhood of ABOUT
Java setting ASIA
Jazz’s James ETTA
Joint problem ACHE
Knock down a peg or two DEMOTE
Laundry loads PILES
Means of applying lip gloss WAND
Mexican tequila brand, familiarly CUERVO
Mild Swiss cheese TILSIT
Military transport HUMVEE
Mimi’s ‘me’ MOI
Mythical matchmaker EROS
Navy ___ BEAN
Neighbor of Uttar Pradesh DELHI
Org. in the 2019 Tony-winning play ‘The Ferryman’ IRA
Playing field? ACTING
Positive response to 37-Down ISEE
Props, say DUE
Question after an explanation GETITNOW
Scrambling words IMLATE
Scrubbed ABORTED
Source of the Tigris and Euphrates, per Genesis EDEN
Spell check? AMULET
St. ___ (district in London) GILES
Staple of Disney live-action remakes, briefly CGI
Swanky affair SOIREE
Tapered piece of sports equipment CUE
Target for an ID thief SSN
Tick off ANGER
Unlikely to make the first move SHY
Was able to acquire, informally SCORED
What it takes years and years to grow OLD
What the ruthless show NOMERCY
Winter Olympics powerhouse: Abbr NOR
Word before Street or oil SESAME
___ guitar AIR
___ There Dump That (garbage service franchise) BIN