New York Times, Thursday, August 11, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Aww’-inducing ADORABLE
‘Do not delay!’ ASAP
‘Doin’ the Pigeon’ dancer on ‘Sesame Street’ BERT
‘Get right on it!’ ACTFAST
Actor Damon or Bomer MATT
Adherent of a philosophy of wisdom, justice, courage and moderation STOIC
Allude to GETAT
Attribute aptly hidden in ‘We’re gods!’ EGO
Audacity NERVE
Backing AID
Backs out unexpectedly BAILS
Baked Scottish snack OATCAKE
Bakery container [Spanish] BREADPAN
Bat boy? ROBIN
Believe THINK
Blotch SPOT
Bon ___ MOT
Boot camp participant ENLISTEE
Bush-nominated Supreme Court justice ALITO
Cafe analogue TEASHOP
Classic TV kid whose name sounds like two letters of the alphabet OPIE
Comic Chris of ‘S.N.L.’ REDD
Competitor with variable skills? MATHLETE
Constant irritant BUGBEAR
Faultless, biblically [Spanish] WITHOUTSIN
Filming locale for ‘the beach’ in ‘Lost’ OAHU
Final bid? ADIEU
Frida Kahlo creations ARTE
Fruit with a rind MELON
Give the boot EVICT
High ball? ORB
Hypothetical entities, for short ETS
Indian food cooked on a tawa ROTI
Irish actor Chris ODOWD
It shares a 44-mile border with Canada IDAHO
Like some church matters LAIC
Like the second word in 17-, 24-, 37-/40-, 38- and 50-Across vis-à-vis the first word TRANSLATED
Low-carb kind of diet KETO
M3, X3 and 3 Series, for three BMWS
Make adjustments to ALTER
Map detail INSET
Member of the fam SIS
Not just beliefs FACTS
Not streamed, say ONCD
Not written down, say ORAL
One of the Huxtable kids on 1980s-’90s TV THEO
One reaching across the aisle, perhaps BRIDE
Onetime rival of Activision ATARI
Outspoken agitator [Dutch] FIREBRAND
Palindromic guy OTTO
Part of N.A.A.C.P.: Abbr NATL
Pasta named for quills PENNE
Phone-y document? FAX
Pick for a pendant OPAL
Pre-euro money LIRE
Preceder of cuatro or chic? TRES
Record numbers? SONGS
Refreshment suffixes ADES
Replace ‘i.e.’ with ‘e.g.,’ e.g EDIT
Roman god DIO
Romeo and Juliet, e.g ROLES
Rude looks LEERING
See 37-Across DIE
Setting for part of ‘Frankenstein’ LAB
Signs of good health in puppies WETNOSES
Single numbers? SOLI
Some sighs AAHS
Substitute on TV [Czech] GUESTHOST
Tab for a trip LSD
Targets for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren BIGBANKS
The Congressional Black Caucus, for one BLOC
The Ingalls family’s little house on the prairie, e.g CABIN
Threepio’s companion ARTOO
Title monster in an H. P. Lovecraft story CTHULHU
With 40-Across, what’s fatefully ‘cast’ in a quote attributed to Julius Caesar [German] THE

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