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New York Times, Thursday, August 19, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
___ Jones, former Alabama senator DOUG
___ of Ra, symbolic depiction in Egyptian art EYE
___ Romeo ALFA
___ Roy, patriarch on HBO’s “Succession” LOGAN
1970 John Wayne film RIOLOBO
2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner ALGORE
Actress Amanda PEET
Arizona city near the California border YUMA
Bargain bin abbr. IRREG
Be perfectly sized FITTOATEE
Begins to get exciting, with “up” HEATS
Best ever, in sports slang THEGOAT
Blues org.? DNC
Brand of taco kits and sauces ORTEGA
Buffalo Bill’s surname CODY
Castle defenses MOATS
Chew (out) REAM
Chicago conveyances ELS
Cohort before millennials, for short GENX
Dispirit, with “out” BUM
Dog-eat-dog CUTTHROAT
Economics Nobelist Robert FOGEL
Excludes OMITS
Extraneous computer programs that slow down a system BLOATWARE
Facial feature named for an animal GOATEE
Flat-screen option, for short LCD
Fresh blood HIREE
Heraldic symbol COATOFARMS
Home to the golden pavilion known as Kinkaku-ji KYOTO
Immediately ATONCE
In large numbers GALORE
It has a cedar tree on its flag: Abbr. LEB
It’s not a good look OGLE
It’s possible MAYBESO
Italian home to the Basilica of St. Nicholas BARI
Late media columnist David CARR
Life preserver? … or a hint to six squares in this puzzle CEREALBOX
Magazine with an annual Investor’s Guide FORTUNE
Misbehaved ACTEDUP
Mobile home? CRIB
Mobile homes of a sort HOUSEBOATS
Monopoly cards DEEDS
N.Y.C. nabe near N.Y.U. NOHO
National Book Award winner for “Them,” 1970 OATES
Noted Venetian bridge RIALTO
NPR’s ___ Totenberg NINA
Operatic daughter of the king Amonasro AIDA
Org. known for counting backward NASA
Part of a place setting UTENSIL
Planted SOWN
Polo on TV : TERI
Pose ASK
Prairie stray DOGIE
Rapper Kool ___ Dee MOE
Rival of Hoover ORECK
Separate seed from THRESH
Snookered GOT
Some creatures in the ocean’s “midnight zone” EELS
Spot of espresso? CAFE
Stand-in for the unnamed ETAL
Starting lineup ATEAM
Successfully solicit, with “up” DRUM
The “e” of “i.e.” EST
They’re used in a crunch ABS
Turkish inns IMARETS
Vaping device, informally ECIG
Waits on an album release? TOM
Walked TROD
Where Dalmatia is CROATIA
Where I-70 meets I-71 OHIO
Works hard, old-style MOILS
World capital on the island of New Providence NASSAU
World’s highest-paid actor in 2021, familiarly THEROCK
Yeah … I don’t think so UMNO