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New York Times, Thursday, August 27, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘All will be well’ FEARNOT
‘Fold’ opposite IMIN
‘Imagine that!’ WHADDAYAKNOW
‘Just like I told you!’ AHA
‘Murder, ___ Wrote’ SHE
‘Thirty days ___ September …’ HATH
‘Would that it ___’ WERE
‘___ Pig’ (children’s TV show) ALPHA
Animal tracker’s clue SCAT
British nobility title BARON
Cable news host Melber ARI
Cause for nose-pinching ODOR
Cause of dread BUGABOO
Certain religious leader IMAM
Comportment MIEN
Cousin of a puffin AUK
Cream ___ ABUT
Dickensian setting SLUM
Drink once advertised as ‘Twice as much for a nickel’ PEPPA
Dubuque residents, e.g IOWANS
Elite seats EXES
Entry-level workers? DOORMEN
Food that’s cut diagonally PENNEPASTA
Fritz Lang collaborator ___ von Harbou ALE
Galileo’s birthplace ASP
Generation ___ (cohort born in the early 2010s) AMASS
Halima Aden became the first Sports Illustrated model to wear one in 2019 HIJAB
It doesn’t cover much THONG
Joey who’s friends with Owl PETS
Just starting to learn NEWAT
Laugh uproariously CACHINNATE
Like some medical tests, briefly PHLEGM
Luxuriate BASK
Main ingredient in the German stew hasenpfeffer HARE
Members of a defunct union PISA
Nest egg source HEN
Not at all fancy HATE
Obstacle-based competition show, informally NINJAWARRIOR
One of the four humors PEPSI
One-named Italian male model FABIO
Overly rehearsed ERA
Painted Desert feature GOUGE
Participant in a sting? WASP
Plan with a ‘Simple’ variety SEABEE
Reply to ‘Can this be true?’ ITIS
Reptile with a bad bite CHATTERBOX
Resounding comeback? ECHO
Romance, in one of the Romance languages AMOUR
Scavengers on Luke Skywalker’s home planet JAWAS
Sch. with the song ‘Hail to the Hills of Westwood’ UCLA
Security fig IDNO
Share a side LOGE
Show in parts MINISERIES
Something to squirrel away? ACORN
Soul singer ___ E. King BEN
Squeezing EKING
Staple breakfast in Scotland ACME
Stat for a starter OATMEAL
Stockpile LETAT
Strokes MESA
Term for a naval builder that looks like an aquatic insect PREOP
The Admiral Benbow in ‘Treasure Island,’ e.g INN
The right way? MOTES
U.S. city named for a European capital ATHENSOHIO
Unleash upon PAT
Unpleasant surprise JOLT
Urgent order EAST
What usurers do ASAP
White-water rental KAYAK
Windbag, as seen three times in this puzzle? ROO
Word between here and there NOR
Word with party or shower BRIDAL
Writer DiCamillo with two Newbery Medals KATE