New York Times, Thursday, July 21, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Colorful’ county name in 14 states GREENE
‘Farewell!’ TATA
‘The House at ___ Corner’ (children’s classic) POOH
100%, in slang DEF
Alibi, say STORY
Alternative to a refund, often STORECRE
Attracting much publicity HIGHPROF
Bad reputation INFAMY
Big name in laptops ACER
Bother ADO
Bring in NET
Cats with the unique ability to turn their ankle joints around OCELOTS
Certain warm-up exercises ETUDES
Chaney known as ‘The Man of a Thousand Faces’ LON
Character with a ‘Wild Ride’ at Disneyland MRTOAD
Chemical suffixes INES
Commentary on a scientific article SCHOLARLYREV
Common prelaw major, informally POLISCI
Continental divide? OCEAN
Cutoff point for some boots THIGH
Destination in Hercules’ 12th labor HADES
Diminutive suffix LET
Dish in which ingredients are cooked at the table HOTPOT
Executive role for an engineer: Abbr CTO
Favorite ONESEED
Following the direction of PER
Gets under the skin of IRKS
Grab a seat PARKIT
Hanging out, say DRYING
Herringlike fish SHAD
Icebreaker? CHISEL
It’s found in many French desserts CREME
Itching to fight HAWKISH
Law bigwig PARTNER
Lessen EASE
Like the bite of a king cobra LETHAL
Male swan COB
N.L. Central team, on scoreboards CHI
Name found in consecutive letters of the alphabet STU
Neither over nor under, but a round? EVENPAR
Nerf product that might be used to bother a sibling DARTGUN
Noted feature of Limburger cheese ODOR
Noted web developer SPIDERMAN
Options at the top of a computer window … as seen three times in this puzzle? DROPDOWNMENU
Paper strip COMIC
Planted SOWN
Poetic conjunction ERE
Polynesian staple food POI
Presidential check VETOPOWER
Previously seen NOTNEW
Professional nickname DOC
Question of self-reflection AMI
Relative of a chimpanzee BONOBO
Response to an unveiling OOH
Set free RELEASE
Some sex cells OVA
Spring time in Paris MAI
Start of a reminiscence ONCE
Statistical abbr PCT
Support staff? CANE
Sweet pea HON
Tattletale RATFINK
Teri of ‘Tootsie’ GARR
The Super Bowl, with ‘the’ BIGGAME
Top of a deck ACE
Whine, maybe CARP
Xi follower OMICRON
___ shark REEF

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