New York Times, Thursday, July 7, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Damn Yankees’ vixen LOLA
‘Do the ___’ MATH
‘The Sound of Music’ backdrop ALPS
‘Yo, ___!’ DUDE
11 or 12, say, but not 13 HOUR
1967 James Bond film YOUONLYLIVELIVE
Accustom INURE
Actor Thornton BILLYBOB
Anklebones TALI
Apt word hidden in ‘Cleopatra’s prop’ ASP
Around figure?: Abbr EST
Balance STASIS
Bankruptcy cause DEBTS
Bread: Ger BROT
Census datum SEX
Chicago trains ELS
Comprehension UPTAKE
Crocheter’s purchase YARN
Cuts off SEVERS
Does a hit on OFFS
Does a prewash task SORTS
Event for poets SLAM
Ferret look-alike STOAT
Fly-by-night? OWL
Fly-fisher’s catch TROUT
Gave 10% TITHED
Hell, to Dante ABYSS
Hoped-for responses to proposals YESES
Impertinent one SNOT
It might make you blush ROUGE
Kentucky ___ (sister race of the Kentucky Derby) OAKS
Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Lead-in to how or hoo ANY
Like most French toast and challah EGGY
Locale for a talking snake EDEN
Made amends (for) ATONED
Many a Cook Islander MAORI
Meeting all the job requirements ABLE
Northern terminus of I-79 ERIE
Not once, in poems NEER
Not serious FRIVOLOUS
Occupied INUSE
One who’s maybe too virtuous GOODYSHOESSHOES
Opening in a magic act ABRA
Oven option BROIL
Part of the body covered by a mullet NAPE
Peruvian cocktail PISCOSOUR
Prefix with centric ETHNO
Pro who calls the shots? VET
Put back in STET
Quitting time, for many FIVE
Rackets DINS
Randomized clinical trial BLINDBLINDSTUDY
Ready to retire, say SLEEPY
Retreat DEN
Ring bearer BRIDE
River on which Greek deities swore their oaths STYX
Sister of Thalia and Urania ERATO
Some amateur theater productions SKITS
Some nasty repartee BARBS
Something politicians and professors do ORATE
Stick GLUE
Straight line RULE
Stupid, incompetent ones DOOFUSES
Surgical tool with an acronymic name LASER
Takes to task SCOLDS
Tangle SKEIN
Very handsome, as a beau DREAMY
Weak, as an excuse FLIMSY
Yawn, for wanting guests to leave SIGNAL
___ of mandamus WRIT
___ reform (political issue) TORT

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