New York Times, Thursday, June 23, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Imperial gem’ mined as early as 6000 B.C. JADE
‘My Friend ___’ (classic of children’s literature) FLICKA
‘Popular Fallacies’ writer, 1826 ELIA
‘You didn’t ask, but …’ to a texter IMO
‘___ one teach one’ (rhyming proverb) EACH
60-Across output or 18-Across synonym ESSAYS
Actor Cooper BOORADLEY
Adam’s apple locale EDEN
Ancient dweller of Central Asia and Eastern Europe HUN
Author of ‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter,’ 2001 AMYTAN
Biting remarks? OWS
Call the shots DICTATE
Captain Marvel, for one ALIAS
Carnivorous : meat :: carpophagous : ___ FRUIT
Comedian Margaret CHO
Comic actress Kristen WIIG
Controvert DENY
Corresponded with, in a way EMAILED
Duck color TEAL
Early chewing gum ingredient CHICLE
Echo speaker ALEXA
Fake coin SLUG
Feminine name that anagrams to another feminine name CELIA
Force-ful character JEDI
Grist for the rumor mill HEARSAY
His first initial stands for ‘Ieoh’ IMPEI
In a position to sue, say HARMED
Is behind TRAILS
Islamic scholar IMAM
It may be applied to a single digit NAILFILE
It may get worn out ATTIRE
Leave alone LETBE
Letter resembling Indiana University’s logo PSI
Like burning plastic ACRID
Like Canada’s maple leaf SYMBOLIC
Make some cuts, perhaps EDIT
Mars rovers, in brief? ETS
Mood setters for a romantic dinner CANOODLES
More submissive MEEKER
Movie-themed Happy Meal, e.g TIEIN
Often-uttered lead-in to ‘That’s gotta hurt!’ OHMAN
One of two in 2/22/22 SLASH
Peons, metaphorically COGS
Photosynthetic process ‘inflating’ 16-, 24-, 46- and 56-Across OXYGENATION
Prez who founded the March of Dimes FDR
Quarter-pound things at McDonald’s PATOOTIES
Readers may flip over it STAPLE
Repellent VILE
Samples TRIES
Sit after everyone else scooches over SLIDEIN
Soccer star Maradona DIEGO
Some hesitations ERS
South Asian, informally DESI
Sphere REALM
Sprites, but not Pepsis IMPS
Street food favorites topped with tzatziki GYROS
Supplier of iron carrots in old cartoons ACME
Tender feelings ACHES
Texter’s ‘hold on a sec’ BRB
The Ark of the Covenant, e.g RELIC
There are 30 on an icosahedron EDGES
Things ‘said’ in doctors’ offices AHS
Took notice, in a way SATUP
Torn and ragged clothing TATTOOERS
Unravel SOLVE
What may be traded for tat TIT
Where Aquaman reigns as king ATLANTIS
Wing it ADLIB
World capital on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire SANTIAGO
___ moment INA
___-Ed (animated talks for kids) TED

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