New York Times, Thursday, June 30, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
!, in emails URGENT
‘… but perhaps I’m wrong’ ORNOT
‘Blown’ seal GASKET
‘Didn’t I tell you?’ SEE
‘Thunderstruck’ band ACDC
‘Turn to Stone’ band of 1977, for short ELO
A word before we forget? LEST
Accounting dept. stamp RECD
Actress Mendes EVA
Advocate? NETTE
American home of a royal palace OAHU
An official language of the Northwest Territories CREE
Atlantic DETRO
Big name in body sprays AXE
Burn a bit CHAR
Butter purchase TUB
Catherine of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ OHARA
Celebrity RENOWN
City in Northern Ireland DERRY
Composer Brian ENO
Convenience NTER
Counterfeit token SLUG
Dispensers NES
Division TREDW
Documents PROVES
Face value? TEN
Facepalm emotion REGRET
Fictional Christian of books and films GREY
Fixed, as a climber’s rope BELAYED
Former frosh SOPH
French MAR
G.R.E. takers, usually: Abbr SRS
Game 1 in a playoff series OPENER
Go ashore DEBARK
Green hazard TRAP
Guide showing relief, maybe MAP
Home ALL
Host that preceded and succeeded O’Brien LENO
House that’s not the House SENATE
It may be mined or crunched DATA
Jolly season YULE
Kind of scoring in fantasy sports leagues, informally ROTO
Last little bit DREG
Loud firework PETARD
Mechanical VEND
Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor ___ Markle NEE
Mineral with parallel bands ONYX
Modern food critic YELPER
Mongolian tent YURT
More than a hypothesis, but not quite a law THEORY
Night lights, of a sort AURORA
Obsolescent music holder CDCASE
P.M. preceded and succeeded by Churchill ATTLEE
Pamplona’s province NAVARRE
Part of R&D: Abbr DEV
Playmate of Fido and Rover REX
PlayStation rival XBOX
Poet’s palindromic preposition ERE
Revival figure HEALER
Skaters NGS
Sleeper’s problem APNEA
Smart ___ ALEC
Somber rings KNELLS
Some cryobank deposits OVA
Speeder stopper TROOPER
Sussex smell ODOUR
Thoroughly enjoyed ATEUP
Top gear? PARK
Tries to please, with ‘to’ CATERS
Turns away AVERTS
University near Greensboro ELON
Vampiric in appearance ASHEN
Warning before a gory movie scene … or a phonetic hint to answering four rows in this puzzle COVERYOUREYES
Word with sing or string ALONG
___ card (auditioner’s need) SAG
___-com ROM

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