New York Times, Thursday, May 12, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ Geo NAT
___ Puente, a.k.a. El Rey del Timbal TITO
___ State (Big Ten school) PENN
Activity at singles bars FLIRTATION
Affirm again, as vows RENEW
All U.S. vice presidents until 2021 MEN
Beachcombers’ headwear STRAWHATS
Birthplace of the 44th U.S. president HAWAII
Bit of smoke WISP
Brown, for one IVY
Buffalo ice hockey pro SABRE
Celebration six days after Xmas NYE
Changes to survive ADAPTS
Comedian Sykes WANDA
Comment from a klutz OOPS
Confers holy orders on ORDAINS
Diacritical mark resembling a dieresis, both of which are represented in this puzzle UMLAUT
Director Craven WES
Document for returned goods CREDITSLIP
End of a block? ADE
Ending with rip or whip SAW
Feeling at Victoria Falls, say AWE
Fortune 100 company with a heart in its logo CVS
German opera highlight ARIE
Greet with derision BOOAT
Harden : SET
Ice cream brand whose first storefront was in Brooklyn Heights HAAGENDAZS
I’m such a bozo! DOH
Inning-beginning stat NOOUTS
Instead ELSE
It sees right through you, in brief MRI
It’s framed PANE
Kind of globe SNOW
Kinda sorta ISH
Kunis of “Black Swan” MILA
Lab coat FUR
Lhasa ___ APSO
Like many Bluetooth headsets ONEEAR
Locale for part of Dinosaur National Monument UTAH
Mezzanine, e.g. TIER
Nietzschean ideal UBERMENSCH
No worries ITSCOOL
Not acceptable, in a way UNPC
Noted literary sisters BRONTES
One of the “Five Colleges” of Massachusetts HAMPSHIRE
One who whistles while working? REF
Peace BYE
Poet who wrote “Do I dare / Disturb the universe?” TSELIOT
Popular cake topping ingredient OREO
Produce, as an egg LAY
Relish ZEST
Results in NETS
Ruler with a famed golden mask, informally TUT
Sarges report to them LOOIES
Saturn Devouring His Son artist GOYA
Scent of an animal SPOOR
Second AIDE
Serenaded, maybe WOOED
Singer Simone NINA
Site with selfies, familiarly INSTA
Six-footer Down Under EMU
Ski suit wearer’s annoyance ITCH
Soaks (up) SOPS
Some messages on old radios, for short APBS
Spanish for “Listen!” OYE
The Handmaid’s Tale author ATWOOD
Trait of a babe in the woods NAIVETE
Tree under which Siddhartha attained enlightenment BODHI
Tributes containing insults ROASTS
TV character originally called “Baby Monster” ELMO
Uneaten part RIND
When Macbeth slays Duncan ACTII
Where one might sit for a spell? BEE
Whittle, e.g. HANDCARVE
Youngest of the 38-Across ANNE

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