New York Times, Thursday, May 26, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ facto IPSO
___ Major ASH
___ Mode, animated film character who says “Words are useless! Gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble!” EDNA
A Song of Ice and Fire, e.g. SAGA
Actress Gilbert SARA
And know when to run ELECTIONSEASON
Anthony of “Parts Unknown” AGREE
Bit of air pollution BLOWHARD
Box markings CHECKS
Butter, e.g. FAT
Byeee! SEEYA
Central points LOCI
College sports channel ESPNU
Concern for a tailor FIT
Earnest request PLEA
Erasing, as data WIPING
Event with a dress code GALA
Exclamation after a witty comeback URSA
Famed designer whose career was boosted by “American Gigolo” ARMANI
Former queen of Jordan NOOR
Forty winks AFEWZS
German film award akin to an Oscar LOLA
Gertrude who wrote “We are always the same age inside” SAYNO
Good cheer OLE
Hardly a jaunt SLOG
Hosp. scans MRIS
It comes to a point when it’s too cold outside ICICLE
It might be in the form of a thumbnail BIO
Jewelry designer Peretti ELSA
Know when to fold ’em ORIGAMICLASS
Know when to walk away LOWBALLOFFER
Lettuce wrap lettuce BIBB
Light wind? OBOE
Moistens WETS
Often-changed item of wear DIAPER
One having a turn at a roast? SPIT
One who gives one-tenth TITHER
Org. with thousands of inspectors OSHA
Places with springs SNAP
Prepared to skate LACEDUP
Print collectors, for short CSIS
Provoke RILEUP
Pueblo people GROGU
Radiate EMIT
Ready to go ONTAP
Scott Turow memoir STEIN
Section of a Sunday newspaper ARTS
Shoots up SOARS
Singer Diana ROSS
Small batteries AAS
Snack, as on a knish SPAS
Snoopy grp. CIA
Speaker’s platform ONEL
Spice ___ RUB
The Child, also known as Baby Yoda NOSH
The Music Man locale IOWA
The Winner Takes It All group ABBA
Tiered temple PAGODA
Tolled time HOUR
View from Catania, in brief MTETNA
Water nymph NAIAD
What do ewe say? BAA
What is your greatest ___? (interview question) WEAKNESS
Whopper ingredient ONION
Why, that’s it! AHA
Wilco! ONIT
Worrier’s words OHDEAR
Yeah, suuuure ASIF
You’ve got to know when to hold ’em WRESTLINGMATCH

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