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New York Times, Thursday, May 7, 2020 Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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#1 of 24 ALPHA
‘I mean … I guess’ WELLOKAY
‘Jeepers!’ YIPE
‘Just a reminder: the golf course is reserved for the guys tomorrow,’ e.g.? MENSDAYWARNING
‘That’s out of the question’ ICANT
‘Would you mind getting that officer out of bed?’ CARETOWAKEAMAJOR
‘___ so!’ (German ‘I see!’) ACH
Actress Betty of old Hollywood HUTTON
Advertising icon with horns ELSIE
Air freshener scent PINE
Argus-eyed ALERT
Australian’s caution against entering a battlefield? BUTMATETHERESWAR
Banned supplement EPHEDRA
Baseball statistic ATBATS
Big box co UPS
Bird: Sp AVE
Blow one’s horn TOOT
Chip away at ERODE
Clause connector NOR
Closest friend BESTBUD
College in New Rochelle, N.Y IONA
Container near a cash register TIPJAR
Coral or aquamarine HUE
Custardy dessert FLAN
Dickens clerk HEEP
For the most part ALLINALL
Forever, poetically ETERNE
Frans ___, ‘The Merry Drinker’ painter HALS
French city that was an objective for recapture on D-Day CAEN
Garden store equipment HOES
Giving off EMITTING
Intersection intersectors: Abbr RDS
Inveighed RAILED
Italian mount ETNA
Jungfrau, for one ALP
Lady ___, powerhouse in college basketball VOLS
Loan fig APR
Luau entree ROASTPIG
Maintained AVOWED
Male swan COB
Market woe DOWNTURN
Musical artist behind the ‘War Is Over! (If You Want It)’ campaign ONO
Nutritionist’s recommendation DIETPLAN
On the way SENT
One and only TRUELOVE
One who might say ‘Thank God it’s Friday’? CRUSOE
Ones playing things low-key? BASSES
Overly fixated (on) HUNGUP
Parisian pal AMIE
Reason for corp. damage control BADPR
Sch. whose initials are the reverse of 26-Down CSU
Sch. whose initials are the reverse of 32-Down USC
Seafood staple of New England SCROD
Sean of ‘Stranger Things’ ASTIN
See 4-Across PINS
Simple skating jump TOELOOP
Some famous last words ETTU
Something indispensable MUSTHAVE
Son of Zeus ARES
Sporty car option TTOP
Squelch END
Strain, as a muscle OVERUSE
Subdivision subdivision LOT
Temporarily suspended ONHOLD
The Buckeyes of the Big Ten, in brief OSU
Ticket part STUB
Traditional gift for a 30th anniversary PEARLS
Turn malicious GETNASTY
Vasco da Gama’s homeland: Abbr POR
Where Jesus turned water into wine CANA
With 22-Across, common lapel attachments for presidents FLAG
___ Arizona USS
___ Diggory, student at Hogwarts CEDRIC
___ Long, Union general at the Battle of Selma ELI