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New York Times, Thursday, November 12, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
#1 Stevie Wonder hit that honors a music legend SIRDUKE
‘Bye for now’ TALKUULATER
‘See ya!’ IMGONE
‘Still mooing’ RARE
‘The Jetsons’ dog ASTRO
‘The wild man of the snows’ YETI
‘___ at Home’ (one of three special TV shows of 2020) SNL
Ad infinitum NOEND
Alcoves that may have shrines APSES
App image ICON
Baseball strategy that starts with a stolen base attempt HITANDRUN
Busybodies YENTAS
Cancel, as a mission ABORT
Certain snow construction FORT
City near Canyonlands and Arches National Parks MOAB
Comic Murphy EDDIE
Connective tissues along the outside of the leg, informally ITBANDS
Craftsperson ARTISAN
Cropped trousers CAPRIS
Doesn’t give up on a hard task PLUGSAWAY
Dog show org AKC
Dried flower bud used as a spice CLOVE
Eugene V. ___, early American Socialist leader DEBS
Even so YET
Exceedingly dry SERE
Famous question first asked around 1600 BBORNOTBB
Forearm bones ULNAS
Fruit whose name is pronounced in three syllables ACAI
Genre for the group Sublime SKA
Gently leaves shore FLOATSOUTCC
It’s not C-worthy DPLUS
Jai ___ ALAI
Jessica who was the original Blanche DuBois on Broadway TANDY
Key symbols ANKHS
Last-second play change AUDIBLE
Like the Beatles lyric ‘The girl with colitis goes by’ for ‘The girl with kaleidoscope eyes’ MISHEARD
Many a troubadour LUTIST
Megan Rapinoe won one in 2018 ESPY
Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan OMAR
Native of the Land of the Midnight Sun INUIT
Noted lines? STAFF
One of 256 in a gal TBSP
Parts of some circles, in France AMIS
Past the expiration date, say BAD
Peace Nobelist Yousafzai MALALA
Pope John Paul II’s first name KAROL
President between John and Richard LYNDON
Say nothin’, say? ELIDE
Scuttlebutt RUMOR
Serengeti sighting ELAND
Shelley ode that begins ‘Hail to thee, blithe spirit!’ AASKYLARK
Sighting in a telescope NOVA
Site of some sniping EBAY
Skinny? DERMAL
Smartphone precursors, for short PDAS
Sound of reproof TSK
Spiritual leader LAMA
Stamp collector? VISA
Stopwatch button RESET
Terrarium growth MOSS
The brother in ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ ABEL
Thick soup noodle UDON
Unknown people, slangily RANDOS
Unmannerly IMPOLITE
Use hip boots, maybe WADE
Vaudeville offering REVUE
Vocalist Gorme EYDIE
Wedding rental LIMO
Words on either side of ‘___ what ___’ ITIS
Youngest of the Hemsworth brothers LIAM
___ Alexander, historical mystery novelist TASHA
___ of all MOST