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New York Times, Thursday, November 19, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Love It or List It’ channel HGTV
‘No ___ can live forever’: Martin Luther King Jr LIE
‘Understood, man’ IDIG
*Bad place to land on 55-Across BNKRPT
*Co-host of 55-Across VNNWHT
*Co-host of 55-Across PTSJK
*Creator of 55-Across MRVGRFFN
*Group of six given for free on 55-Across RSTLN
*It debuted on 1/6/1975 WHLFFRTN
76ers, on scoreboards PHI
A.D.A.-compliance option RAMP
Actor McDonough NEAL
Aesthete’s collection, maybe ARTBOOKS
Afore ERE
Amazon IDs ISBNS
Aquarium denizen PETFISH
Baby bug LARVA
Cheese in moussaka FETA
Chump SAP
City that rhymes with ‘Rosanna’ in a #1 George Strait country hit TEXARKANA
Commercial ploy TIEIN
Country that has no rivers: Abbr UAE
Egyptian key of life ANKH
Fade, as a fad DIEOUT
File accompanying many a download README
Fort Myers-to-Orlando dir NNE
Gave to, as answers FED
Geisha’s accessory FAN
Go postal SNAP
Groundwork of a plant manager? SEEDBED
Ignorance, perhaps BLISS
Jerk move? YANK
Johnny who made his film debut in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ DEPP
Key of Pachelbel’s Canon: Abbr DMAJ
Like many homes along bayous ONSTILTS
Little waves, in Spain TILDES
Long-running TV series set in Las Vegas CSI
MADD ad, e.g., in brief PSA
Memorable hurricane of 2017 IRMA
Not completely crazy, as a plan FEASIBLE
Noted ‘retiree’ of ’03 SST
Nuts about INTO
Offer a thought OPINE
One way to the top TBAR
Online endorsements UPVOTES
Peaceful, rustic scene IDYLL
People who are tight, in modern lingo BFFS
Photo from a drone AERIAL
Put forward POSIT
Roach or termite PEST
Room opposite the kitchen on a Clue board STUDY
Round things? BEERS
Sch. in Ames ISU
Set, in French FIXE
Shipshape TIDY
Shot that’s within your reach? SELFIE
Some accommodations on long-distance trains SLEEPERS
Something there’s almost no point to? EPEE
Speak with a deep, hoarse voice CROAK
Spruce (up) SMARTEN
Tabasco, en México ESTADO
They turn on machines COGS
Triton’s domain, in Greek myth SEA
Turn in a popular game show SPIN
Unreliable SHAKY
Upscale hotel amenity SPA
What you might cry when trying to answer the six starred clues? CANIBUYAVOWEL
Where nearly half of the U.S.’s publicly traded cos. are incorporated DEL
Zebras REFS
___ favor POR
___ Speedwagon REO
___ tide NEAP
___Kosh B’gosh OSH