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New York Times, Thursday, October 14, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
Absolutely, informally DEF
Architect ___ Ming Pei IEOH
Balls in a pocket FALAFEL
Bit of creativity IDEA
Business that offers body waxing CARWASH
Call upon INVOKE
Calligraphy details SERIFS
Captain in “The Mysterious Island” NEMO
Chooses to receive marketing emails, say OPTSIN
Creatures named for their changing shape AMOEBAE
Diet-friendly LITE
Easter egg decorator DYER
Ella Fitzgerald forte SCAT
Fit for the task ABLE
Food industry lobby, for short NRA
Fountain near the Spanish Steps TREVI
Frost bit? VERSE
Glass elevator? TOASTER
Head across the pond? LOO
Hi-___ RES
I keep losing things in the dryer! DARNSOCKS
Is after you? ARE
It ___ (pompous arrival’s declaration) ISI
It may be on the house LIEN
Just scrape (by) EKE
Leave off OMIT
Lemon or turkey DUD
Like many a campfire story EERIE
Like Swarthmore, but not Bryn Mawr COED
Long-term appeal LEGS
Marquis de ___ SADE
Maze runners LABMICE
Microsoft Surfaces, e.g. PCS
Mitch’s husband on “Modern Family” CAM
My allergies are really acting up! BLOODYNOSE
My iPhone never works! ROTTENAPPLE
National Medal of Arts recipient whose novel “Juneteenth” was published posthumously ELLISON
Nickname for the subzero 1967 N.F.L. Championship Game ICEBOWL
Not leave to chance ENSURE
Old-fashioned preposition ERE
One who’s got your back ALLY
Place to purchase pencils and paint ARTSHOP
Postpone, as enrollment DEFER
Pressure, informally HEAT
Prize declined by Sartre NOBEL
Prizefight ending KAYO
Put (away) STOW
Puzzle whose name comes from the Japanese for “cleverness squared” KENKEN
Q: How much does it cost to park at stadiums? A: ___ ALOT
Recipe that might call for ginger and soy sauce STIRFRY
Roald Dahl heroine MATILDA
Rock star Cobain KURT
Run for fun, perhaps TYPO
Scented souvenir LEI
Shooting stars METEORS
Sicily’s highest peak ETNA
Spanish 101 verb SER
Special treats GOODIES
Stand by the pool, maybe TIKIBAR
That third strike cost us the game! FREAKINGOUT
The Big Easy NOLA
This bug spray is useless! BLASTEDOFF
Typical college interviewees: Abbr. SRS
Unusual time to start a vacation MIDWEEK
Upped the ante RAISED
Wackadoodle WEIRDO
Water pitcher EWER
Wearer of a “Y” sweatshirt ELI
What’s the point in me even trying IMNOUSE
Word with fair or fight STREET
World traveler? UFO
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