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New York Times, Thursday, October 7, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
2.0, for one GPA
Ancient invaders of Rome GOTHS
Be shy OWE
Big name in beer ANHEUSER
Big name in Scotch DEWARS
Boxer Trinidad TITO
Bug collection? INTEL
Dispensable young beau BOYTOY
Don’t just take my word for it! ASKANYONE
Enthusiastic assent in Spanish SISI
Equilibrium STASIS
Family name on “Seinfeld” COSTANZA
First soft drink sold in all-aluminum cans RCCOLA
Five-spots ABES
Flush, e.g. HAND
Frozen asteroid or planet ICEBALL
Harmless rattler MARACA
Imbibe TOPE
Jewelry store eponym ZALE
John McCrae, author of “In Flanders Fields,” e.g. WARPOET
Left a bad impression on? DINGED
Light carriage, informally SHAY
Like the newest model, familiarly NEXTGEN
Lose value quickly TANK
Mark on one’s record DEMERIT
Mauna ___ KEA
Memorable 2021 hurricane IDA
Memory ___ CARD
Moonscape feature MARE
My thoughts exactly! AMEN
Name seen on the Kazakh/Uzbek border ARAL
News anchor Smith, informally SHEP
On every occasion EACHTIME
On the surface it might not look like much BERG
One side in the Ryder Cup EUROPE
One way to prevent stock losses? LASSO
One who’s not a fan BOOER
Onetime Scandinavian export SAAB
Patriots in New York, e.g. AWAYTEAM
Prefix for fireworks PYRO
Prepare, as a certain movie snack AIRPOP
Proctored event, maybe EXAM
Provincial governor in the Byzantine Empire EXARCH
R&B/pop vocal group Boyz II ___ MEN
Rat-___ ATAT
Rule that should be broken? TYRANNY
Secure, with “down” BATTEN
See 58-Across STONES
Separate SPLITUP
Silas ___, first American diplomat to France DEANE
Tailgate grill HIBACHI
Took full advantage of the buffet, say ATEATON
Unmoved reaction DRYEYES
Vast expanses SEAS
Vegetarian spread BEANPATE
West Coast burger chain with a “not-so-secret menu” INNOUT
What jelly rolls are filled with? ELLS
What may be drawn with black and white? CHESSGAME
With 59-Across, lakeside activity … or a hint to the words spelled across the fifth, eighth and 11th rows of the completed grid SKIPPING
Word often before a year CIRCA