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New York Times, Thursday, October 8, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
*Cheat on, say TWOCENTS
*Occupied oneself PASSEDTHEBUCK
*Rough patch HARDCASH
*When many people solve crosswords SPARECHANGE
[Groan] UGH
44 years? OBAMAERA
Annual parade V.I.P. STPAT
Atmosphere on “The Twilight Zone” EERINESS
Avocado pit, e.g. SEED
Bar order specification ONICE
Becoming new, in a way WANING
Benjamin Franklin adage … or a hint to interpreting the answers to the four starred clues TIMEISMONEY
Big mouth, informally YAP
Big name in A.T.M.s NCR
British pop star Rita ORA
Came out on top WON
Certain noble’s domain BARONY
Christmas scent BALSAM
Cinemax competitor TMC
Common cause of tonsillitis STREP
Core components, for short ABS
Doodled, e.g. DREW
Equilibrium STASIS
Everybody’s a comedian HAHHAH
Fabrics CLOTHS
Family inheritance? DNA
Fuel economy authority, for short EPA
Gemstones resembling topaz CITRINES
Gone bad, to Brits SPOILT
Group of fish SHOAL
Having said that … THOUGH
Hockey fake-out DEKE
How Lennon wrote the opening lines of “I Am the Walrus” ONACID
Hullabaloo HOOPLA
Introduces to the mix ADDSIN
It factor? HORROR
Jackpot! IMRICH
Judging partner of Simon, Heidi and Sofia on “America’s Got Talent” HOWIE
Loses ground slowly but surely ERODES
Loves every second of something LAPSITUP
Mauna ___ KEA
Member of the fam SIS
Mired (in) KNEEDEEP
Much-litigated 2010 law, for short ACA
N.F.L. divisions: Abbr. YDS
One of more than 200 Bach works CANTATA
One of three in a double magnum bottle LITER
Org. GRP
Org.? What org.? NSA
Play part SCENE
Player ___ PIANO
Playful and teasing ARCH
Price per piece UNITCOST
Provider of specs EYEDOC
Puckered PURSED
Quaker’s possessive THY
Recipe amts. TSPS
Relief from the desert? ALOE
Rocinante, to Don Quixote STEED
Rowboat mover OAR
Secretly include, maybe BCC
See 48-Down OUT
Sony console of the 2000s, for short PSP
Swab’s swab MOP
The gallant pig of children’s literature BABE
Thigh-slapper RIOT
Turn down DENY
We’re not ___! (classic line from “Wayne’s World”) WORTHY
With 55-Across, public thanks SHOUT
Word that sounds like its second letter ARE
Young Frankenstein role INGA