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New York Times, Thursday, September 3, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Butt out!,’ briefly MYOB
‘Do or die’ time DDAY
‘See ya!’ CIAO
‘What a ___!’ JOKE
0% of the population NOONE
100% ALL
Accessory clipped to a dress shirt TIEBAR
Action under a File menu SAVE
Apollo command module, for one ELUSPACE
Bank security option? LEVEE
Before time EVE
Berry from Brazil ACAI
Big ___, nickname for slugger David Ortiz PAPI
Bumps into MEETS
Colleague of Ginsburg and Roberts ALITO
Conference group PANEL
Core of an alkaline battery ANODE
Cracked a bit AJAR
Devices that work by comparing air pressures ALTIMETERS
Exaggerate for effect PLAYUP
Facial feature missing from many emojis NOSE
Finish, with ‘up’ WRAP
Former pro wrestling star ___ Bigelow BAMBAM
French 101 verb ETRE
Fried Hanukkah treat EKACNAPOTA
Fruity loaf with a moist texture DAERBANA
Gadget shaped like its first letter CLAMP
Gaming novice, slangily NOOB
Get unionized? WED
Got even with TIED
Group of voters BLOC
H&R Block worker, for short CPA
Home of Whitman College NOTGNIHSAWALLAW
Keepeth HATH
Keeps posted, in a way CCS
Key used to get out, not in ESC
Made like a shark? SHOTPOOL
Mineralogical eponym MOHS
Minor dust-up SPAT
Monopoly subj ECON
Natural sunburn soother ALOE
Not bamboozled by ONTO
Not quite right? ACUTE
One adorns the Statue of Liberty POEM
One doing menial work PEON
One seeking change PANHANDLER
Org. in ‘Die Hard’ LAPD
Parapsychology research subj ESP
Photographer Goldin NAN
Pixar film that premiered in Mexico COCO
Place to be marooned ISLE
Polite term of address MAAM
Rama and Krishna, e.g GODS
Recover … or what 17-, 25-, 38- and 51-Across do? BOUNCEBACK
Scraped (out) EKED
Some answers on history exams DATES
Sonic the Hedgehog creator SEGA
Soprano’s co-star? ALTO
Sporting event profiled in the 2014 documentary ‘Queens & Cowboys’ GAYRODEO
Synthetic MOCK
Tear up REND
The one over here THIS
The ones over there THOSE
Theater : usher :: restaurant : ___ MAITRED
Thunder, but not Lightning NBATEAM
Trident-shaped letter PSI
U, V or W, on the periodic table METAL
Unfinished story? ATTIC
Watch brand featured in James Bond films SEIKO
What chickenpox can cause SCAR
Work with needles KNIT
Zany action ANTIC