New York Times, Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ Man, one of the Avengers IRON
___/her pronouns SHE
Affirmative reply to “Understand?” YESIDO
America’s Cup vessels YACHTS
Apple Store offerings MACS
Apple TV+ alternative HULU
Bad break in bowling SPLIT
Big name in online talks TED
Bottleful in un ristorante VINO
Bullet with a trail TRACER
Chaired RAN
Church choir accompaniment ORGAN
Clear up, as ski goggles DEFOG
Coming up next TOFOLLOW
Deceptive trick RUSE
Driving force? ENGINE
Encyclopedia volumes vis-a-vis Wikipedia, e.g. OLDMEDIA
End of a hairy limb PAW
Exact lookalike TWIN
Fizzling firework DUD
Fuzzy bit of car d├ęcor DICE
George Eliot and George Orwell, for two PENNAMES
Give this for that SWAP
Have ambitions (to) ASPIRE
High school exam, for short PSAT
It sells, it’s said SEX
It travels at nearly 300 million meters per second LIGHT
It was once the world’s fourth-largest lake ARALSEA
La Vie en Rose singer Edith PIAF
Lead-in to pad HELI
Like Scotch AGED
Like the opening of Mahler’s Symphony No. 9 IND
Likely to offend, in brief NOTPC
Literature Nobelist Alice MUNRO
Literature Nobelist Morrison TONI
Many a cocktail mixer SODA
Most abundant element in Earth’s crust OXYGEN
MSNBC competitor CNN
Music is powered by ___: Yo-Yo Ma IDEAS
Necklace that can be made with kukui nuts LEI
Old-fashioned message carriers PIGEONS
Olympian’s sword EPEE
One might take off a few marks ERASER
Ones potentially contacted in “first contact” ALIENS
Petri dish filler AGAR
Prefix with liberal or conservative NEO
Prevailed WON
Really prosper HITITBIG
Reddish-purple salad ingredient BEET
Rocks in a cocktail ICE
Sch. system with campuses in Buffalo and Binghamton SUNY
Scruff of the neck NAPE
Shakespeare villain who says “I am not what I am” IAGO
Skunk’s defense ODOR
Slim and trim LEAN
Small town BURG
Some lab liquids SERA
South Asian wrap SARONG
Spanish for “foolish” TONTO
Spiced tea CHAI
Steffi with seven Wimbledon titles GRAF
Story of one’s life? OBIT
They’re long for an underdog ODDS
Vowel sound at the end of 15- and 26-Across LONGO
Watery or papery THIN
Well, well, well! OHO
What may be heard in a herd MOOING
Wonkish sort NERD
Works in a theater PLAYS
Yiddish “Yikes!” OYVEY

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