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New York Times, Tuesday, April 21, 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘He that is slow to ___ is better than the mighty’: Proverbs ANGER
‘Uh-huh!’ YES
‘Uh-uh,’ formally NAY
‘___ Just Not That Into You’ (2009 rom-com) HES
*Air Force aircraft FIGHTERJETS
*Big French daily LEMONDE
*Peacock’s pride PLUMAGE
*Rite of passage celebrating a 15th birthday QUINCEANERA
*Teeth, slangily PEARLYWHITES
Al of ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ PACINO
Begin to confide in OPENUPTO
Big deal ADO
Bottle that might be labeled ‘XXX’ ALE
Buddy PAL
Capable of being folded without creasing or breaking SUPPLE
Catch sight of SPOT
Closemouthed MUM
College URL ending EDU
Come clean to TELL
Connect, as a smartphone to a computer SYNC
Dessert add-on … or what the answer to each starred clue has? FRUITTOPPING
Engine part CAM
Equestrian’s pace TROT
Etch A Sketch part KNOB
Extended family TRIBE
Fitbit unit STEP
Full moon, e.g PHASE
Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat, for two MEMES
Have no doubts BESURE
Heavenly beings SERAPHIM
Hindu god of love and compassion KRISHNA
Japanese or Javanese ASIAN
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Jetson son ELROY
Kazan who directed ‘East of Eden’ ELIA
Lament RUE
Lao-tzu’s ‘way’ TAO
Like a sauna user SWEATY
Like films labeled ‘XXX’ ADULT
MacBook, for one LAPTOP
Makeshift pencil holder EAR
Mantelpiece piece URN
Minor quibble NIT
Minor throat problem FROG
Not hip UNCOOL
Not just corpulent OBESE
Not warranted UNDUE
Nothin’ NADA
Nuclear trial, informally ATEST
One living the high life? STONER
Ottawa chief who shares his name with an automobile PONTIAC
Parthenon dedicatee ATHENA
Piece for an editorial page ESSAY
Pilates unit REP
Platters from the Platters, for short LPS
Prime time for beachcombing LOWTIDE
Republicans, collectively THEGOP
Scribes’ flourishes CURLICUES
See 24-Across WHIM
Selects with a finger, as an app TAPSON
Some preserved conversations TAPES
Someone hell-bent on writing? DANTE
Speaks scornfully SCOFFS
Subject of interest to an endocrinologist HORMONE
Sudden attack FORAY
Suffragist ___ B. Anthony SUSAN
Take turns ROTATE
The ‘O’ of CD-ROM ONLY
Things retirees wear? PJS
Very softly, in music PPP
Winter hrs. in Winter Haven, Fla EST
With 32-Across, suddenly and without thinking ONA
Word before dog or dash MAD
Workplaces for R.N.s ORS
Writing from Pablo Neruda ODE
Yoko who wrote and sang ‘I Love You, Earth’ ONO
___ Gatos, Calif LOS
___ se PER