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New York Times, Tuesday, August 10, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Anything ___?’ ELSE
‘Horrible’ comics Viking HAGAR
‘So nice!’ OOH
‘Superfruit’ from South America ACAI
‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ writer POE
‘___ in Boots’ (fairy tale) PUSS
A black one is fancy TIE
Actor Patel DEV
Address that can’t receive packages URL
Afternoon hour THREE
All excited CHARGEDUP
Alternatives to pounds EUROS
Amazes WOWS
Annual science fiction awards HUGOS
Bakery fixture OVEN
Batteries for some remotes AAS
Beano competitor GASX
Black ___ (Scarlett Johansson role) WIDOW
Cart pullers OXEN
Character with a boombox in ‘Do the Right Thing’ RAHEEM
Cheese coating WAX
Chicken ___ king ALA
Close tightly SEAL
Coffee-growing locale of Hawaii KONA
Dry, as wine SEC
Dummkopf ASS
Early movie studio for Katharine Hepburn RKO
Educated, but not streetwise BOOKSMART
Eggs, in diner slang HENBERRIES
English singer/songwriter George ___ EZRA
Exited LEFT
Explosive stuff TNT
Extra life, in video gaming ONEUP
FAQ page, e.g HELP
Florida senator Marco RUBIO
Glasses, informally SPEX
High piano tone PLINK
Home of Marlin and Nemo in ‘Finding Nemo’ REEF
Japanese car named for a river ISUZU
Judicial capital of Bolivia SUCRE
June celebrant, informally GRAD
K-12 fund-raising grps PTAS
Kids’ educational TV series of the 1970s-’90s SCHOOLHOUSEROCK
Kinds ILKS
Like a good score in golf UNDERPAR
Meas. of engine speed RPM
Network with a Times Square studio ABC
Nintendo series with high-speed racers FZERO
Order from on high EDICT
Part of an Atlas statue GLOBE
Perfect serve ACE
Phrase that can precede the starts of 17-, 25-, 40- and 50-Across LITTLERED
Red pill chooser in ‘The Matrix’ NEO
Reproduces, in a way SCANS
Sassy behaviors, in slang TUDES
Satan’s doings EVILS
SCOTUS justice who said ‘Women belong in all places where decisions are being made’ RBG
Scrabble or cribbage GAME
Secretly loop in by email BCC
Send on, as an email: Abbr FWD
Some sneakers AVIAS
Some volleyball actions SETS
Sudden rise SURGE
Suddenly taking up, as an idea SEIZINGON
Tête-à-tête ONEONONE
Two cubed EIGHT
U-___ HAUL
Valedictorian’s grade, maybe APLUS
What turns on a farm vehicle WAGONWHEEL
When repeated, ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ band DURAN
Where ‘don’t sweat it’ is hard-to-follow advice? SAUNA
Where Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Kerry Washington grew up BRONX
Where work might pile up INBOX
Wild guess STAB
[Send assistance!] SOS
___ Crunch CAPN
___ One (special person) CHOSEN
___-Ida, maker of Tater Tots ORE