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New York Times, Tuesday, August 11, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
[Pardon me!] AHEM
___ is me! WOE
___ Lingus AER
2008 sci-fi Pixar hit WALLE
Angsty music genre EMO
Baker who sang “My Funny Valentine” CHET
Bank job HEIST
Bird bills BEAKS
Bounds … or partner of bounds LEAPS
Bulldozed RAZED
Captains’ cries AYS
Captain’s spot : HELM HELM
Coarsely ill-mannered SWINISH
Collaborative online reference WIKI
Composition of some mountain forests FIRS
Connections, informally INS
Construction details, informally SPECS
Dutch artist Frans HALS
Fifth-most-common Korean surname, after Kim, Lee, Park and Jung CHOI
Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel, with “The” IDIOT
Get on the line CALL
Get ready, in brief PREP
Goose egg ZERO
Group of like things BEVY
Heel of the Arabian Peninsula YEMEN
Hits the jackpot WINSBIG
I figured it out! AHA
Item in a quiver ARROW
King’s country in “The King and I” SIAM
Large part of an elephant EAR
Let Me Blow Ya Mind rapper EVE
Long, hard work SLOG
Loop in secretly, in a way BCC
Messes up ERRS
Multigenerational story SAGA
Nincompoop TWIT
Nothing, to Nero NIHIL
Old anesthetic ETHER
One feeding off others LEECH
One of the Coen brothers ETHAN
Opening of many a serial drama episode RECAP
Opponents ANTIS
Outset GETGO
Pigmented part of the eye UVEA
Pocketbook portmanteau MURSE
Popular shooter in the Old West DERRINGERPISTOL
Producer of lines at airports, for short TSA
Puts one’s own slant on the past REWRITESHISTORY
Railways not on street level ELS
Real mouthful? CUD
Refrain in a children’s song … or a literal feature of 17-, 25-, 42- and 55-Across EIEIO
Regarding, in a memo ASTO
Reverential poem ODE
Rumor starter IHEAR
Serious break in relations RIFT
Sort through, as evidence SIFT
Steal, in slang COP
Superior group ELITE
Teach through repetition DRILLIN
The “E” of Q.E.D. ERAT
The “R” of P.R. RICO
The Haunted Mansion or Splash Mountain, at Disneyland RIDE
The Titanic’s undoing BERG
They get wetter as they dry BATHTOWELS
Things sold by the yard? ALES
Things that spheres lack EDGES
Things trimmed at a salon ENDS
TV broadcast slot AIRTIME
Vietnamese noodle salads VERMICELLIBOWLS
Viking who was the first ruler of Normandy ROLLO
Welcome at the front door, say SEEIN
What ___? (store clerk’s query) ELSE
Where the baby bird gets the worm NEST
Whys and ___ WHEREFORES
Wolf pack vessel in W.W. II UBOAT